Photo Credit: Taken from Spark Story Photo Base

Nature on Display
Photo Credits: I took these photos at the Prehistoric Exhibit.

As soon as I walked into this exhibit, I was astonished. This exhibit of the prehistoric era of the dinosaurs was absolutely amazing. There were fossils and recreated animal structures using their bones and plastic structures in the center of the room as shown in the photo above, and hanging above you as you walked into the room were the skeletons of tanimals that existed at that time. Along with the eerie darkened lights and blue shades casting their glow on these mysterious creatures, and the rocky backdrop with a realistic sandy texture and recreated bird calls echoing at you in the dark, this exhibit truly illustrated the exotic and strange time that existed long ago and invited you to imagine the type of environment and world these animals lived in.


Photo Credits: I took this photo at the Butterfly Exhibit.

This exhibit was one of my favorites. Walking into this enormous, beautiful area with plenty of colorful plants and flowers, the playful chirps of exotic birds flying around, and brightly colored butterflies gently wafting across the walking path, it was all so breath taking. This exhibit made me want to be a nature nut and plant a tree in my backyard. By showcasing the beauty of a variety of trees, plants, shrubbery, flowers as well as the amazing butterflies and exotic birds, this exhibit instilled the "ethical responsibility to nature" that Leopald imagined and encouraged me to participate by being an active and avid protector of nature. As the Lorax from Dr Seuss once said, the trees do not have voices and they must be protected by those who care.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Photo Credit: I took this photo at the Native American exhibit.

Set up inside a darkened tippi hut, with indigenous hand drawn sketches of wild buffaloes decorating the walls and dressed mannequins with the traditional Native American tribal outfits and body paint, beating drums and chanting tribal voices invited me to step out of my busy life and into the majesty of the natural world. I could ignore the fact that I was stressed out about studying for my exams and planning ahead about how I would finish all my homework that evening. I forgot myself and embraced the history of humans: how much we have changed in just the past few hundreds of years, our old traditions compared to the new, the incredible variety of the human race. Along with the visual representation of the mannequins, drawings and the tippi hut, as well as the video representations of documented reenactments of tribal dances and the mysterious music playing overhead, this exhibit helped me better understand the past of this world and the civilizations that inhabited it, begging me to ask the question, who am I?


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