Reform Movements By: Austen Murphy & Jason Diggs:period 7

Foundations of Reform
The foundations of reform happened in the 1820s to the 1830s era. It most likely happened because we were in a time with a good economy and with no wars. there was a religious group that wanted to make America great again by changing, or reforming, America into a nice country. There was another group called the transcendentalists that believed in the goodness of man and they ignored laws that they disagreed with to make a statement.
Abolitionists did not supportt slavery. They spent a lot of time making efforts to free slaves or trying to end slavery as a whole. This most likley helped start the civil war. It also inspired the women's rights movment.
Woman's rights
The women's rights movement was started because woman had little to no rights...Period. So people realized women need their rights to. So people made a declaration of sentiment and held the convention of sentada falls that demanded equality for all.
Prison Reform
The act of prison reform began when Dorothea Dix, a Boston school teacher, witnessed the terrible living conditions of a prison and the way they treated the mentally ill. At the time, people were arrested for insignificant things such as not paying small debts. The mentally ill were also arrested simply for being mentally ill. After reporting these conditions, lawmakers voted to create new mental hospitals and outlaw acts of cruel and unusual punishment.
Public Education
Back in the mid-1800s, many children could not attend school because it was to expensive. Horace Mann helped to fix this problem and spoke to the citizens about the importance of public schools. Soon, citizens began to pay taxes to schools to fix the problem.This practice quickly spread to the rest of the country.
There were cases of alchohol abuse among many families. Many people formed the temperance movement which banned the sale and production of alchohol. This act was later repealed by the government. Despite being stopped before, this movement gained strength again in the late 1800s.



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