How to make the world a happier place By amalie

Hi! Welcome to my website where every single person is aloud on. This website will contain kind and positive messages, cringe worthy quotes and images and a little talk about LGBT(QIA). Its a big friendly website for all sorts of people from loads of different age ranges, heights, genders, sexuality, nations and colors, everyone! :)

There's a rainbow around every corner

How to help your friends in desperate times.

The first thing were going to talk about is how to help people in desperate measures. This is SO important, I cannot stress enough how much this means to me and how important it is for everyone to know. Tell them to visit a therapist or a physcorapist and start seeing one from time to time whether that's by call or face to face, face to face ideally unless they cant then by call. Ask them polite me whats wrong and gently move into deeper questions but start off small so you don't put them on the sport, it crucial to make them not feel pressured. Ask them how're there feeling and what there symptoms are, what things might be triggering there feelings. Give them a little gift to give them to make them a little happier and know that your there for them. Visit or hang out with them as much as you can! Distract them if they are in a bad position and keep them happy! A friend is the best thing they could possibly have right now to keep them cheerful and feeling great about themselves. I hope this helps them and good luck. <3

Random Acts Of Kindness

Yay, I like this topic because kindness is honestly such a beautiful gift people have in them. Even the smallest act of kindness towards someone can change their day completely. Give/send someone a gift, Invite them out and say you'll pay or just simply compliment them.


Next up is talking about a subject which is really close to my heart, LGBT. This stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. Before we start you should know that there are A TON of different sexualities but we're going to only do these four as these are the most common. So people always bully people who are from LGBT. Why? Because they're 'different'? See this is what I don't understand...someone who is gay is just the same as a black person who is just the same as someone who believes in god. Why are they any different you you? Is all this judging necessary? No. Its pointless and a waste of time. This is not something to be proud of neither make someone happy. Be nice to people whatever color, gender, sexuality, religion etc. Its not fair on them and is classed as bullying. Respect is the best thing you can do.


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