Financial Literacy By Matt Hartman


We learned how to invest and the different ways you can do it. Some of these ways include the stock market, where you invest in stocks in companies and sell the stocks after their price goes up, and a savings account, which is where the bank borrows your money and pays you back later with interest.

The Stock Market

We learned how yo properly look at stocks and which ones to choose. We learned to compare the earning per share, the 52 week prices their debt ratio and other statistics.


We learned about the different types of endorsements. We learned that there are blank endorsements, which only have your name, Special, which is where you sign the right of a check over to someone specific, and restrictive, which are for deposit only and have your account number and your name.

Types of Credit

We learned about the different types of credit. Cash credit, which is borrowing money. Sales credit, which is buying something and promising to pay for it later. Secured Credit, which is secured with collateral, unsecured credit, which is based off of your good credit score. Closed end, which is a one time deal. Open end, which is credit you can keep using. Single-Payment, which is you pay back in one time, and Installment credit, which is credit that you pay back monthly.

3 C's of Credit

We learned about the Three C's of Credit. Character: the willingness to repay your loan(which is based off how long you have been at your current job, where you live, and if you pay your bills on time), Capacity: The ability to repay loan- how much debt you have, and Capital: how much stuff you own.

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