Tectonic Plate Boundaries

Convergent Boundary

Convergent boundaries are when the two plate are going towards each other because of compression.

Mountain Ranges

Mountain Ranges are created when the continental plates in a convergent boundary crumble up and make these mountain ranges.

Ocean Trenches

Ocean Trenches are made when one of the oceanic plates of a convergent boundary goes under the other one. A subduction zone is where they go under.

Volcanic Arcs

Volcanic arcs are volcanic mountain ranges that form in subduction zones. They form a belt of stratovolcanoes on the continental side of a subduction zone.

Volcano Disatser

Mount Vesuvius is one of the most well-known volcanoes around the world with most of its fame coming from its eruption in 79 A.D. that completely buried the city of Pompeii. The volcano is located in Italy in the Gulf of Naples and is one of the volcanoes making up the Campanian volcanic arc. This volcano is in fact the only volcano located in Europe’s mainland that is active and measures at 1,281 meters tall.

Divergent Boundary

A Divergent Boundary occurs when two plates pull apart form each other because of tension.

Mid-Ocean Ridge

The Mid-Ocean Ridge is made because of a divergent boundary. It creates the ocean floor and by doing this is pushing the continents closer together. This also showed that the Electromagnetic field has changed directions and the past.

Contintental Rifts

A Continental rift is the belt or zone of the continental lithosphere where the extensional deformation (rifting) is occurring. These zones have important consequences and geological features, and if the rifting is successful, lead to the formation of new ocean basins.


Because of the Mid-Ocean Ridge the super continent Pangea

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