Sex and the City Clemson Edition

This is Carrie Bradshaw. Carrie is a newspaper columnist from Manhattan , however, this week she will be in Clemson, SC. She typically writes about her crazy relationships, designer shoes, and fabulous friends, but this week she will be writing about all our quaint town has to offer.
This weeks column will give Carrie's typical city readers a day in the life of a Clemson student and then answer the all important question which is, can you wear a pair of Manolo Blahniks to a tiger football game?
Carrie's Saturday morning will start with breakfast at Sunny Side Cafe just outside of downtown Clemson. This is not her typical Saturday morning breakfast at the brunch bar with her three best friends, but the cheese grits and french toast will trump her typical NY breakfast.
Next Carrie will head over to a tailgate which will be catered by The Smoking Pig. She will participate in corn hole, beer pong, and toss around the football for some pregame practice.
Now at the game, Carrie is having an amazing time cheering on the tigers as they win.
After the tigers won an exhilarating game, everyone rushed the field and so did Carrie. She felt just like a champion celebrating the Clemson win.
After a full fun day in Tigertown Carrie began to write her column giving NYC a glimpse into the life of a Clemson student. She gave restaurant advice and made sure her readers knew they must attend a football game ASAP. She did make it back to the all important question though: Can you wear Manolo Blahniks to a football game? After strong consideration she came to her answer: yes you can, however, they must be purple or (preferably) orange.
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Megan Moore


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