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By: Henry Domst

Solar farms are a great example of a form of energy that helps the Earth more than harming it. They are rows and columns of solar cells that create electricity from the sun to be provided to people. What is the only downside? They are not affordable for the average American. Some solar farms allow people to subscribe to them, where a certain section of a solar farm helps power their home. An idea of putting one of these farms in Concord may seem outlandish, but Ryan Storke has brought the idea to life and is currently awaiting bid approval from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. By 2050, it is projected that solar generation will increase from 7% of total renewable energy in 2015 to about 36%, therefore making it the fastest growing electricity source. This project would give the town of Concord a 350-megawatt solar farm, producing energy for many people in the town. By 2020, Storke will find out if the plan will be picked up or not. If it is passed, Storke said “The construction is expected to begin in 2022 if everything goes smoothly...and lasting until the commissioning of the project in 2024.” Another benefit of this project is the creation of new jobs for people in the area, including fields of grass needing to be mowed. Storke plans to “hire” local sheep to complete this task, helping the community in another way. This solar farm would have a lot of other benefits to the community now and in future generations. I believe a solar farm would allow the town to grow the industry of renewable energy and begin the process of cleaning up our planet.


By: Margaret B. Coulombe

Do you know that vapes have been popular since 2006 when they were first introduced to America? E-cigarettes have nicotine and other harmful products in the them which have a massive impact on your body, and can even be worse than cigarettes because of the deceptive flavor in vapes. Here are some positives and negatives on vaping.

The supposed positives in vaping are the good feeling after vaping, that it looks cool, everyone is doing it, and it may be a pain reliever. For example, vaping is better than drugs because vapes are not as addictive. These are excuses to try to get someone to vape: “Vaping never killed anyone” or “not so harmful to your body”. When anyone tries to tell you that it’s not harmful, they are wrong. A real friend wouldn’t pressure you to vape or smoke. The negatives in vaping are it slowly kills off your lungs, heart and other parts of the body and is a waste of money. Just because all your friends are vaping doesn’t mean you have to, and technically, you are smoking because it has many of the same harmful materials as most smoking does.

At least eighteen deaths linked to vaping have been confirmed in these states: California, Illinois, Kansas, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, Alabama, New Jersey, Virginia, Nebraska and Oregon. Also, all of these were between the ages of 40 and 65. Some people have theories that these are people that buy the juice off the street. This would make a lot of sense because why would Juul or other brands want to kill their customers if they are making money? They will lose business.

In the U.S A. President Trump wants to ban vapes because of these recent deaths in America. He doesn’t want future American children to be harmed by vapes and in the meantime the FDA (federal food and drug administration) is trying to figure out what is in the vapes that is causing all of these deaths.

At Yale University, professor Dr. Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin did an experiment on how vapes affect the body compared to cigarettes. She tested on rats, and the research on lab mice found the solvents used to makes up vapes damaged the lungs, and were just as harmful as smoking itself. The mice had an abnormal buildup of fat in the lungs, from a reaction to the solvents. The exposure lasted four months, comparable to years of smoking or vaping in humans.

My opinion about vapes:

I’m known as a Libertrian. Libertarians look at all sides of an issue and look every place to get the whole story. I personally don't think we should ban flavored vapes, rather I think we should stop people from buying stuff off the streets. We should: 1.) Keep a close watch on these products. 2.) Make commercials so more people know not to buy things off the street without knowing what's in the product, and 3.) Teach teens and young adults on common sense in the real world. Libertarians also believe that we should be as free as our ancestors that made this country. If something is wrong, then we should deal with it, but banning the flavored vapes is kind of ridiculous. Let people make their own choices what they want to do or become. In limiting freedom, they would find a way to still do it.

Global Warming Is Destroying Our Oceans

By Jared Hecht

The world's oceans are increasingly becoming more vulnerable to climate change and the effects are becoming present. The Oceans are heating up due to climate change which is dramatically altering there chemistry this is threatening seafood supplies, It is also believed to be causing an increase in things such as hurricanes and flooding putting millions of people at risk. Over the years the oceans have also played a crucial role as a buffer for global warming by absorbing roughly a quarter of the carbon dioxide released,It also absorbs more than 90% of the excess heat trapped on earth due to greenhouse gases. Without this protection the oceans give the land would have heated much more rapidly. But as a result of this the Oceans are heating up, becoming more acidic, and less oxygen rich. If humans keep releasing greenhouse gases at this rate it will much further strain marine life that has already been strained by things such as seaborne plastic waste and unsustainable fishing practices. “We are an ocean world, run and regulated by a single ocean, and we are pushing that life support system to its very limits through heating, deoxygenation and acidification,” Said Dan Laffoley. The effects up in the mountains and deep in the Oceans aren't always as noticeable but they will have ripple effects. An example of the ripple effects would be the sheets in Greenland and Antarctica melting raising the sea level which could then cause extreme flooding that was once historically rare to occur once a year. So because of all the effects on the ocean it is important that we start making change now before it's too late to fix .

Mental Health in the NFL

By Trevor Maracle

Professional athletes don’t have a very great life. Although they make a ton of money playing the sport they love, what gets overlooked is how much suffering they have to do to get to that level. Not only physical suffering, but mental suffering as well. Often, physical injuries can bring on a severe mental breakdown where a person just wants to give up. Serious injuries and recurring injuries can cause a person to just lose the love for the game they loved.

This happened recently, when Pro Bowl quarterback Andrew Luck abruptly retired just before the start of the 2019 NFL season. Luck, who had dealt with numerous injuries, had just lost his love for the game. Luck, who missed most of the 2016 season and all of the 2017 season due to injury, had grown tired of the constant rehab. He had recently had another injury that forced him to miss time, and this time the recovery had become too much to handle. “For the last four years or so, I've been in this cycle of injury, pain, rehab, injury, pain, rehab, and it's been unceasing, unrelenting, both in-season and offseason, and I felt stuck in it. The only way I see out is to no longer play football”, Luck said during his retirement announcement. Luck’s decision came as a shock, but it makes sense. He had been in this cycle of rehabilitation, and he couldn’t mentally take it anymore. Luck made the best decision for him, and many people respect that.

On the flip side, some athletes have large egos brought on by the fame of being a professional athlete. Some of these athletes have a history of head trauma and their egos could be brought on by a brain disease known as CTE. Someone that comes to mind is Antonio Brown. Brown was an All-Pro receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but after suffering a serious head injury in 2016, he was never really the same. He started to act strange, got a big ego, and forced his way out of Pittsburgh. He thought of himself as being above the law, and it showed. He was traded to Oakland, and problems immediately sprung up. Brown was creating problems about his helmet, since his was too old to be safe. He became irate, refusing to come to practice, and yet again thought himself to be above the law. Many people began to think that there was something wrong in his head, and what he needed was mental help. Brown showcases the problems in today's society and the lack of help he has received is entirely on the NFL. The NFL mandates that all teams have a mental health professional on staff, but their main focus in on medication use. They should be focused on helping players with the mental struggle of the game. The NFL hasn’t done enough, and it shows.

Chemical Plant has Caught Fire in France

By Aedan Smith

In the early hours of September 26th, a large black smoke hovered over a town in northern France by the name of Rouen. A chemical plant belonging to Lubrizol, an american industrial lube and oil company, had exploded and caught fire. About 130 firefighters were immediately dispatched once the deafening explosion was heard. The source of this disaster is currently unknown but experts are starting to discover the numerous health hazards this may cause to those in a nearby radius. The French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner stated that the smoke contained “a certain number of compounds which can be a health hazard”, which is why a total of 13 nearby town have closed schools and nurseries. The French Government also banned the harvesting of crops and sale of animal produce, as a precaution, from any farm within the region. This has forced some farmers to dump tens of thousands of litres of milk. This may devastate the areas economy when combined with the loss of numerous jobs from the destruction of the chemical plant. The local authorities have tried to calm the citizens with statements such as “people may live and work absolutely normally” however the previously stated bans have created a fear within the people. School teachers have started to refuse to go back and work at the school claiming that children were suffering from headaches. Citizens have been fighting for days trying to receive more information about what caused the fire and a full list of chemical products that had gotten burned. This seemed to have been successful because the French Prime Minister told parliament that a list would be made public. He stated that the smell was “a nuisance” but not dangerous. On the other hand France’s Health Minister, Agnès Buzyn, stated “The city is clearly polluted” and “I cannot guarantee that there is no danger. There are of course traces of hydrocarbons”. The differences in opinions and facts coming from France’s government has created a mistrust within its people. Despite all of the confusion one thing is known, that there will be worldwide changes in regulations to prevent a disaster such as this from happening again.

The Awakening of the Beast

By Sean Lux

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people who refuse to have themselves and/or their children vaccinated against influenza, measles, poliomyelitis, and other infectious diseases. While many adults cite their religious beliefs as the major reason, others oppose vaccination due to fears that they cause developmental disorders such as autism, despite this latter claim being thoroughly debunked by scientists. Nevertheless, ignorance about vaccinations could potentially affect the well-being of “anti-vaxxers” and anyone else who hasn’t been immunized.

Measles is a highly contagious disease that is spread by coughs and sneezes of infected people. Initial symptoms include fever, cough, runny nose, and eye inflammation. If left untreated, measles can lead to pneumonia, acute brain inflammation, and suppression of the immune system. The disease may spread rapidly in areas that aren’t protected against it.

The disease was declared eliminated from the United States in 2000; the last death from it occurred in 2015. However, it has slowly made a comeback. From January through August 2019, 1215 cases of measles were reported across the nation, with especially high levels in New York, Detroit, and southern Washington State. This is the highest number of cases in one year since 2014. In New York, the disease broke out among Orthodox Jewish communities in Brooklyn, and eventually spread west.

In Australia, influenza is occurring at an uncommonly high rate. Western Australia’s Health Department has confirmed 272,146 cases of the flu (and 232 deaths) this year, making this one of the worst flu seasons in the country’s history. Australia has also had over 300 cases of measles this year, the second-highest year for measles reports since 1997. Despite such striking numbers, Australia’s overall immunity remains high. On the other hand, 200 deaths from measles have been reported in the Philippines, which has suffered from high levels of poverty for years.

Some anti-vaccination activists claim that the absence of a vaccine strengthens the immune system. They are partly correct, as natural infection almost always causes better immunity against disease. However, the negative side effects of prolonged measles cases don’t have to happen as long as people are given the vaccine, which lasts for years and has been proven to be 97% effective. In addition, a few vaccines induce better responses than natural infection, including HPV and tetanus. Awareness of the benefits of vaccination can prompt people to get themselves protected, but at this current time it remains a matter of contention.

Kirk Album Review

By Elliot Emley

With the release of DabBaby’s third studio album, there has been significant hype in the industry surrounding the album. The album created a huge buzz for multiple reasons, primarily DaBaby’s features on the record. The album features Kevin Gates, Chance the Rapper, Gucci Mane, YK Osiris, Nicky Minaj, and the Migos. Another major reason for the hype is DaBaby’s more emotional, story driven lyricism on “INTRO”. In the past, Baby has focused on comedic, and anecdotal lyricism, however for the first time on “INTRO” we see a more developed and sentimental view of his father. While many songs on the album are greatly varied in detail, many refer back to Baby’s late father, that died 6 months prior to the release of the album on Friday. The record shows his connection with his father and how his death affected him on his rise to stardom. He mentions his father in his lyrics throughout this album, including songs such as “INTRO” and “THERE HE GO”. Then there are the features of the album, of which only two stood out Kevin Gates and Chance the Rapper, their flow and rhyme scheme fit well together, and sounded like they had fun with the song, instead of just making it. However, a lot of people supported the project and his style, many people had complaints about it as well. Primarily, DaBaby is too consistent with his music. His beats, flow and content are all similar throughout his project, with each song being built off the same basic 808 chord, and the cadence of his songs, being almost identical. And while DaBaby owns, and kills this type of flow and beat, his songs are all too predictable and identical to feel as though you are listening to new music. It really only feels like his old songs, but reworked with different, but yet strikingly similar lyrics. This was the major complaint that arose from Kirk, along with many of his songs had features that did not match DaBaby’s beats or rhyme scheme, thus resulting in an awkward and unharmonized feature, that honestly sounded awful. Overall, Baby provided a newer style in only one song, that showcased his respect and appreciation for his father, and his rise to fame and the feelings that surrounded it. The album scored a 3.5 stars, and has secured a place in the running for AOTY (Album of the Year), and has a good chance to win it, due to the failure of other major albums released this year. In my personal opinion, the album was a 3 out of 5, due to the repetitiveness of his songs. Overall, I actually liked around 2 songs off his album, and the others were all mediocre.

Once Upon A Time In... Hollywood

Review by Jesse Fisher

“Once Upon A Time in... Hollywood”, a film directed by the critically acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino which came out on July 26, 2019. Tarantino is a popular director who has a filmography of ten movies, which include Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill Vol. 1-2, Django Unchained etc. I personally have enjoyed most of his work, so I was ecstatic to hear that he had another movie coming out with two of my favorite actors, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, who have both been nominated for Oscars. Also the movie stars the talented actress Matgot Robbie most notably known as her role in the movie Wolf Of Wall Street also featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. I had nothing but high expectations going into this movie because of the star power, and how they would complement each other on the big screen.

The movie stars DiCaprio as struggling actor Rick Dalton, and Pitt stars as his stunt double in 1969. Throughout the movie it shows Dalton’s ups and downs as an actor who always plays a villain in his western movies and television shows. It’s a tale that shows two men trying to make it in a Hollywood located in an interesting time period. The movie also takes place in the Charles Manson era. Charlie Manson was an American criminal and cult leader of the “Manson Family” in the mid 1960’s. The stories are both intertwined to create a two hour forty-nine minute drama/thriller. I personally enjoyed this movie I like how Tarantino used this movie as a tool to change the history of the most famous incident in Hollywood's golden age, although I do believe it is dragged out in the middle it is still enjoyable because of it’s nostalgic feel and star studded cast.

Blaming Forms of Entertainment for Crimes

By Victoria Garcia

Audiences are extremely excited to see the most famous comic book villain of all time finally get his stand alone movie titled Joker on October 4th 2019. The movie will also star Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker himself and it looks like the film may be put on the same pedestal as Wonder Woman, but other people worry that the movie will also have very severe, and possibly even deadly, negative consequences. People are concerned that the movie’s violent, and sometimes disturbing, nature might provoke people to commit copycat crimes as seen in the movie, and other people are worried that the movie itself might actually inspire a copycat of the Aurora Movie Theater Shooting.

The shooting happened on July 20th 2012 when the shooter entered a screening of the Dark Knight Rises dressed as the Joker from the previous installment in the series. He then set off tear gas grenades in the theater and began firing at the audience, many of whom initially believing that it was a part of the show. Twelve people were fatally injured and seventy were severely, but not fatally, injured (fifty eight of them were injured from gunfire, four from the tear gas, and eight from accidents while they were trying to escape). It has since been declared one of the most violent mass shootings in American history. Since then movie theaters have taken certain measures in order to prevent another attack, such as making a rule that prevents customers from wearing costumes to a film unless for a specific occasion or if they requested to wear one in advance.

Blaming things like films for crimes is nothing new and has been happening for several decades, one of the earliest recorded cases being the movie Natural Born Killers which was declared one of the causes of the infamous Columbine High School Shooting, other forms of media and entertainment that were blamed were music, such as Marilyn Manson, and video games, such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Grand Theft Auto. Society couldn’t comprehend that a functioning human being would be able to commit such a heinous crime so they started to look for interests that could’ve been the reason, which is when they all started to blame all the aforementioned media above. Though the blame on music has almost completely died off there were cases of musicians being blamed for things that happened to people that listened to their music, most infamously a teenage boy had committed suicide and Ozzy Osbourne was sued by the boy’s parents for his murder on the grounds that one of his songs had a secret hidden meaning and that was what drove the boy to take his own life until the charges were eventually dropped on the grounds that the boy’s death could not have been caused by Osbourne’s song. The blame on film and video games is still going on, however the blame on film is a little more rare, with people only blaming the film if a similar film was blamed in the past or if a past event is believed to be copied because a new movie is coming out, such as with Joker, and video games are still the highest blamed out of the three. With video games becoming less for children and more for everyone more mature games have since been produced, such as Mortal Kombat and Grand Theft Auto, which have become certified phenomenons because of their amazing graphics, their compelling stories, and their intense violence and maturity, and these types of games have become more common in today’s culture, but they’re still constantly blamed for serious tragedies that occur in society. For example, Grand Theft Auto is banned because a man had committed a series of crimes in one day and said he was just simply doing what he did in the game, which was enough to get the entire game franchise banned in several countries.

The only thing that will prevent most future attacks from happening is to stop putting the focus on the perpetrator of the crime and to instead focus on the victims. Many shooters will see how these attacks are portrayed in the media and notice that the perpetrator’s name is what’s most highlighted, and also sometimes their backstory, and this gives them a sickening lust for fame and attention by simply having to do what the people before them do and all of the sudden their names are famous too. Most, if not all, shooters will also have no interest in surviving the ordeal; they see no reason to continue living, but they truly wish to leave some sort of impact on the world so that they’re remembered, and after seeing how the previous attackers are all throughout the media and how almost everyone knows their names they decide that it’s the perfect way for them to die, but if we stop giving the attackers all the attention and focus instead on the victims and their families then we’ll deter them from committing more attacks because then their hunger for fame and attention wouldn’t be satisfied.

On paper it may sound ridiculous to blame a form of entertainment on a serious crime, but within a group of people’s shock and grief over a tragedy it, in some way, actually makes sense that they would, because when attacks like these occur it becomes near impossible for a society to accept that a fully functioning human being, like you or I, would be responsible without some sort of encouragement from another force, however this is very bad because when people do this they actually begin to believe that movies, video games, or music are actually to blame and they never learn to accept the fact that a seemingly normal person could actually be cruel and violent to the people around them.

Trump’s Phone Call Investigation

By Brett Russell

On July 25th, during a phone call with Ukranian president Volodymyr Zelensky, United States president Donald Trump urges for help with an investigation of Democrat Joe Biden and his son. In the past week or two, the transcript for said phone call has been brought to light, stirring up great controversy. The law is often confusing and cloudy when it comes to foreign affairs, so it is an issue that must be brought to the courts in order to be situated. Many democrats have emerged saying that this is reasonable grounds for an impeachment. Impeachment proceedings involve a very long and complex journey through different courts and assemblies of people, and there is a low chance that much could come out of an attempt to impeach President Trump. During this time, Trump has been quite open about the ordeal, and he was even the person who allowed for the phone call to be released. In the transcript of the call, it does not seem that he adopts any sort of a forceful manner with the other president as many accused him of, and his issues with Joe Biden and his son come up somewhat casually. The Ukranian president that Trump was on the phone with backed this up in a recent interview. Another argument involved in the controversy is that president Trump did in fact go above the law in his efforts to uncover information on Biden, however the severity of his offenses is far less worse that the offences of many other democratic leaders. At the moment, it seems as if there is not enough information to progress things further, but more information is coming out each day, so nothing is out of the picture.

Fridays for Future

By Maximilian Boettger

How does that began?

On August 2018 the sixteen year old Greta Thunberg started protesting in front of the Swedish parliament with the sign “Skolstrejk för klimatet" which means “School strike for the climate”. The idea was to show the world that the students take climate change seriously, Friday they would skip class to go demonstrate for a better climate policy. They are giving part of their education time away to change the climate, also in many countries skipping class is not allowed so the protesters are risking getting punished for that too. The reason that this story about Greta Thunberg became viral is that she used modern technology such as twitter, facebook and co.Since then Greta Thunberg has been the main symbol of the Fridays for future (FFF) movement around the world. Inspired by Greta Thunberg Students formed local groups for demonstrations with messenger apps. In November 2018 Students were protesting against climate change in Germany,Australia, Austria,Belgium, Canada,the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Japan, Switzerland,] the United Kingdom, and the United States. In 2019 strikes were also organized in Colombia, New Zealand, and Uganda. In Germany and Switzerland alone 45000 Students went on strike. Now world wide 1.4 million Students are participating in the Fridays for Future movement.

How is it today in 2019?

Today the Fridays for Future movement is no longer a small movement of a few students. However when it started most politicians only smiled at that, didn’t take it serious and tried to stop the movement by referring that the students have to go to school. Today the Movement has earned a lot of respect from adults and politicians around the world. The movement now has more than 6 million participants on planet earth in 218 countries around the globe and in the Antarctic (although there is no school to skip) with now in total 41 thousand strikes.

Tension Between Pakistan and India

By Marc Meissner

Prime Minister Imran Khan is attempting to raise awareness and warn the United Nations about the growing future of nuclear war over India. Earlier in February there was a conflict between India and Pakistan where India bombed Pakistani territory for the first time in almost half a century. The countries afterward exchanged war planes over the divided countries. After the end of the gun fights when an Indian pilot was captured he was later returned by Pakistan which defused the situation. With the conflict resolved for a short time the tensions between the two countries have begun to rise once again with fear of this being worse than the first time. The leader of India revoked a constitutional clause from the people of Kashmir that gave them a little self government. This lead to confrontation with the people of Kashmir resulting in thousands of arrests due to revolt to the sudden moves. Imran Khan later said that this was done because of a strong Hindu ideology by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has often been referred to as a fascist. Khan said he will do anything in his power to protect his country and people but he hopes this will not result in nuclear war.

Killing off animals and plants now threatens humanity itself

By Kamila Husieinova

Thinking about our problems, we often forget about how to behave in relation to nature. Because of this, nowadays the future of humanity is under threat from the widespread destruction of the Earth’s plants and animals by people, leading scientists have warned in a dramatic report.

Loss of biodiversity threatens the human race just as much as climate change. Without urgent action the wellbeing of current and future generations of people will be at risk as life-support systems providing food and clean water collapse.

The report lays out a series of future scenarios based on decisions by governments and other policymakers, and recommends a rescue plan. https://www.iwr.usace.army.mil/Portals/70/docs/iwrreports/Scenario-BasedStrategicPlanning.pdf. It highlights how man-made activity has destroyed nature, such as forests, wetlands and other wild landscapes, damaging Earth’s capacity to renew breathable air, productive soil and drinkable water.

“The loss of species, ecosystems and genetic diversity is already a global and generational threat to human well-being. The loss of pollinating insects, especially bees, will undermine supplies of food crops. Populations of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians have shrunk by 60 percent in just over 40 years. Many species will die out within decades. We are in trouble if we don’t act, but there are a range of actions that can be taken to protect nature and meet human goals for health and development,” said scientists.

Based on this, I urge everyone to think about humanity. Don’t destroy the place where you live and appreciate the gifts that nature has provided to us.


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