Book Thief Themes By Joseph Geving

Difficult Times Bring People Together:

"The first part of him she saw was his shoulder, and through the slender gap, she slowly, painfully, inched her hand in until it rested there. HIs clothing was cool. He did not wake. She could feel his breathing and his shoulder moving up and down ever so slightly. For a while, she watched him. Then she sat and leaned back (Zusak 238)."

Both Max and Liesel are going through difficult times. Max decided to make her a book for Liesel's birthday and that made her very happy. They are both going through very hard times however that's exactly what has brought them so close.

In this article, it talks about how Hurricane Katrina brought broken communities together. Hurricane Katrina affected so many people however when times got tough it brought people together. Whether it was rebuilding homes, raising money, salvaging lost items/people, or just comforting one another, this article exactly explains how difficult times brings people together.

Books bring people together

" For at least twenty minutes, she handed out the story. The youngest kids were soothed by her voice (Zusak 238). "

Liesel reads the book, "The Whistler", to her neighbors while they are all sheltered together during the bombing. Her reading really brings everyone comfort and they feel better. In result of this, Liesel goes over to the neighbors house to read even after the bombings are over.

This article talks about how books bring people together. It talks about how books unite people it gives us insight on to different cultures and Humanities. It says if we didn't read, we would be a very isolated society and we wouldn't have the choice to make opinions. They finally talk about how books bring people closer and help people find hope.

Love is found during Hate:

"Now I think we are friends, this girl and me. On her birthday it was she who gave a gift to me" (Zusak 158).

This is a quote from the book Max wrote for Liesel, The Standover Man. Weather you view Liesel and Max's relationship as romantic or not, I think we can both agree they love each other as friends. No matter how much hatred is thrown at the two of them, they still find a way to love for each other which is very rare and special. I find it very interesting how they become so close in a world full of hate.

This article talks about how love and hate go hand in hand with each other. It says, love is found when hatred is in the air. People all the time find love in terrible events, just because all the terror and hatred brings people together, looking for love. I really think this article explains well how when hatred is present, love is found.

Summative Theme: Difficult Times Bring People Together

This is a newspaper article from when my girlfriend's house burned down, and we all came together to help.


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