A different kind of 'Normal' Adoption is a great thing for many children without A family By: evelyn lewiS.

How old should be kids be when they're adopted?

My Mom's Answer:

Kids get adopted at any age. I think it depends on the situation.

My Dad's Answer:

I think children should be adopted at any age really, if there's a family looking for a child and if there's a birth father that they want to give the child up T age 5 or at age 10 or at any age. Also, they can give the baby up for adoption at birth.

My story of how and when I was adopted:

My birth parents gave me up for adoption at birth and that's when my parents were looking for a child. The law in Florida was that kids who were given up for adoption, the minimum age that the child could be adopted was 3 days. My birth mom was 20 years old when she had me. I was c-sectioned. I had a birth brother who is 2 years older than me. My birth brother and I had 2 different fathers when we were born. I was born on February 25th. My parents friend had a family-friend and told my parents that a baby girl was up for adoption. That baby girl was me. I won't be able to see ,y birth parents until I am 18 years old which is a mature age to see them because I would understand adoption by then.

What is the percentage of kids who get adopted each year?

69% of the kids get adopted each year. That is a small percentage of kids who get adopted each year. This means that 31% don't get a second chance to have a family. This isn't good because more than 69% of the kids should get adopted each year.

What is the percentage of kids who get to meet their birth parents each year?

The percentage of kids who meet their birth parents is 43%. 43% is not a lot. That is a very small percentage of kids who get to meet their birth parents each year. That means 57% of the kids don't get to meet their birth parents, which is very sad. This isn't good because kids should be able to meet their birth parents

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