Lies and Betrayal. Written by Mauren Dominguez

William Murphy(Will) had always been an outgoing and positive child. That is until the day he turned eight and his parents were killed and he was taken as hostage. They locked him in a small cage and was given a limited amount of food and water. Will was shaking, his eyes were bloodshot from all the crying he had done. He started to breath hard and it only got harder as he kept replaying his parents death in his head over and over again. Soon his heart started to hurt and his lungs tighten. He felt as if someone was chocking him. Will's vision turned blurry after a couple a seconds he fell unconscious. It took a week until Will was found and saved. He only had minor injuries, but being put in the cage affected him greatly. He couldn't be able to go to small narrow places or it would triggered him and cause him a panic attack.

Will was 30 now he had had managed to find his parents’s killer, and bring justice to their name. Later on he ended up getting married and had a daughter named Darcy. He was finally at peace he managed to move on from his dark past, and allowed himself to be happy. It was currently his daughter’s sixteenth birthday and they were just about to cut the cake. When bang! The family heard a strange noise coming from the backyard.

"Stay here and don't go outside for any reason," Will said quietly as he grabbed his gun from it's hiding spot. Will slowly made his way outside as he walked he noticed the chains in the gate were broken and he saw a shadow hiding in a tree. Will made his way towards the tree when he felt someone creeping behind him. He quietly switched the safety switch off the gun getting ready to turn."William!" Will heard his wife screamed. He quickly turned only to be hit in the head with a log. He dropped to the ground, and his vision became blurry. Slowly he felt himself blacking out. The last thing him seeing was Darcy getting shoved into a black van.

Beep, beep, beep. William slowly opened his eyes. He looked around having no clue where he was. He's in a white room, it was a hospital room. He noticed an old man sitting in the chair next to him. It was Jeffery, his adoptive father and the detective who helped him with his parents case. Images from the night before came rushing to him. Will started to worry "where's my daughter?! What happened?!"Will ask hurriedly his voice full of worry. The old man, Jeffery, tried to calmed him down. "William calm yourself freaking out like that won't do anything, or help us find Darcy," after a while Will finally managed to stay calm and patiently waited until he was release and he could get the answers he's looking for. After his father left and a couple of minutes two cops came in. "Do you have any news?" Will asked as soon a he saw them. "I'm sorry to say this Mr. Murphy, but your wife was found shot dead in the leaving room," one of the cops told him. Will felt as if someone tore his heart in half one of his happiness was gone all left is his daughter. Part if him dreaded to hear what information they had on his daughter. He's scared that they might have nothing on her. "What about Darcy? I saw her get taken do you have any reports on that?" Will finally asked. "Sadly we don't who ever did this planned the whole thing carefully, but we managed to get some footage of the black van," the cop answered.

It was dark until Will was release from the hospital. Right after he was released he began his research trying to find any information about the black van. After a long time Will still couldn't find anything. He decided to look at the footage again and notice on thing. It looked exactly like the van he was in when he was taken. The possibility of the person behind his daughter's disappearance is the same person who took his parents scared Will.

The next day Will went straight to the prison where the person he was looking for was. "Well if it isn't little Will," a voice said. "You're behind this aren't you?" Will asked. "Ha, I don't know what you're referring to I've been in here all the time rotting away, so I have no idea where your daughter could be," the man said. Will felt tensed at the mention of his daughter. "Now you're asking all the wrong questions son, I mean where was your dad at the time. I really am surprised you never caught on. I mean do you really think I couldve gotten away with all those kidnaping without any help?" the man asked theoretically. "I had to had some help and what better way than to receive it from the inside," the man continued to tease him. Will only clenched his jaw not knowing how to take this new information in. "Looks like your dad decided to continue the business on his own little Will."

Will felt conflicted he didn't know if the prisoner was lying or not, but to clear his doubts Will decided to follow Jeffery and see if what he's thinking is true. He followed his father everywhere until he ended up seeing him meet with a mysterious person. Will got closer but remainded hidden. Will then noticed the same black van parked not to far away. "I have a 289 I'm going to need backup," Will said into his radio. Will felt several emotions he felt anger, sadness and betrayal. Jeffrey gave him a home, he was his home when Will was just a child and had no one. Will quickly shut down his feelings not wanting them to get in the way of things. He got out of his hiding spot and made his way towards his father. He pointed his gun at them and quickly shot the mysterious person when he tried to get away. Will pointed his gun to Jeffery stopping him from having any escape. "Will son cal-" the old man tried to calmed his adoptive son down. "Do not tell me to calm down!I trusted you, you were family to me!" Will yelled. It took all his will power to not shoot the man in front of him. Soon the police came and took care of Jeffery. As Will made his way towards the van.

Soon Will walked towards the black van and opened the back doors carefully. Inside the van there was a small black screen with a note. The only thing the note said was TRUTH. He turned it on and it clicked play on the video that was there. It showed his daughter and the night of her disappearance. It was when they had put her inside the van, but this time she wasn't struggling she had even kissed one of them. When one of the kidnappers to off his mask Will realized it wasn't a kidnaper it was her boyfriend and a two close friends.

Will didn't know what to say and he didn't know what would've drive his daughter do do something like that. Will then notice some numbers behind the note. They were coordinates. He quickly search for them on a map. The coordinates led him to the same location where he was taken as a child. Will quickly got on the van and left. When he got there Will went inside the basement. Will started to breath hard when he saw the same cage standing there covered with a blanket. When he finally managed to calm himself down he uncovered the cage. Will hopes where all lost when he didn't see anything but another note.

Will got the note and in front was his daughter's signature. Will opened it and started to read it. Dear Dad, if you're reading this then it means you probably already know about everything including about grandpa. I never meant for this to happen some friends and I were just playing around in grandpa's computer when we found some stuff. It was all the horrible things he has done. At first I tried to play it cool I was planing on telling you, but grandpa got suspicious of me. The night of my birthday was the day I found out grandpa was going to try to get rid of me, so I stage the kidnapping. As for mom don't care to much, she was also in on it with grandpa. Grandpa would be in charge of the boys and mom with the girls. They would kill the families and use the kids for human trafficking for all types of wrongs. I want you to know that I won't be gone forever, but the only way for the people who worked for grandpa to leave me me alone is to think I'm dead. They're still after me and I don't want to put your life in danger too. Please don't look for me, but know that we will see each other again maybe when this is all over. Love your daughter, Darcy

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