First semester drawing & painting Maddie Weinrich

I definitely did the most exploring within this blind contour project because I tried so many different watercolor techniques without trying to make it too over the top.

This is also the work i am most proud of, because it shows how creative all artists can be.

We came up with a lot of ideas before the start of the project, but it came down to one finally. They all had to do with a person doing something some-what ordinary, but then my group and I decided to make our person for the gif in a galaxy, so that it would turn out more abstract.

If I had to do a gif project on my own, first off it would not go well because I am not tech savvy. I would probably make an easier gif with little movement, but the background would be very colorful because creating the background is something you do on paper rather than on the old computers in Lab 32.

I found the charcoal "Dancing or Dying" project to be the most stressful. It showed me how much time and effort really needs to be out into your artwork, and even when you try your best it does not always mean it will look your best, so this is why this project was the biggest life lesson.

As for second semester, I hope to improve my charcoal skills and to be able to give a more realistic effect to my artwork. I really enjoy watercolor, so I think it is time to make myself stronger with other variations of artwork in drawing and painting.

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