Learning Objective #4 Post Test Anaylsis

Overview: For this Exhibit I will analyze my second test of the semester from my math 1020 class with my professor. Math 1020 has been my hardest class this semester and I have found myself struggling in it at times. This class is important to me because I must pass it to move on to the next math for my major. It is also important to me, because my poorest grade is in Math 1020, and I need to bring it up to maintain my life scholarship. With that being said, I will be reviewing my second exam, which I got an 58 on, with my professor and going over the problems I missed with her.

Post Test Analysis

Study and Test Taking Plan: My Plan Below is my Improved Plan and it consists of the strategies and resources that I will use to study for my next math test.

Reflection: After reviewing this test with Ms. Davidson, I noticed that I knew the material, but just made many careless errors. I knew that I had a pretty good study plan going into this test, but learned that could it be heavily improved. I started studying and reviewing the whole chapter about 10 days in advance, and completed multiple practice tests, previous homework , and previous lab assignments during the process. Ms. Davidson agreed that all those were good strategies, but she made me aware that there are drop in tutoring sessions for math 1020 available Monday through Thursday in the ACC. I will now be taking advantage of those. However, we both felt that my grade, a 58, does not reflect my effort and study habits. I realized that I knew the material on the test pretty good, but I also realized that I psych myself out when I see a problem I am unsure of. When I psych myself out on a test, I develop a negative and indecisive mindset, and that mindset cripples me throughout the test and causes me to constantly change my answer. Ms. Davidson and I both agreed that I let my thoughts rush and control my brain. She told me that I really need to slow down, and study in constant short intervals so my brain is not overwhelmed. I feel that studying in shorter and more constant sessions will help because I have felt overwhelmed when I study for long periods of time. While reviewing the test, we also noticed that there were several problems I had answered correctly; but had erased and answered incorrectly because I was not confident in my answer. I learned from Ms. Davidson that I should answer the question, move on, and don't let it linger in my mind. I also learned that, I need to keep my formulas and equations much more organized. There were a couple problems where I just plugged in the numbers to the wrong equation, because I had written the correct equation and incorrect equation side by side. Another wise piece of advice I received from Ms. Davidson was to never study the day of the test. On this test, I studied the material until test time because I thought it would help me. However Ms. Davidson told me that studying the day of the test only causes stress, and causes one to contradict their self because they are OVERTHINKING the material. She told me to barely even think about the test on test day, because that is what she did, and it was very successful in her case. She also stressed me that sleep was essential, which I know, but I really don't sleep enough the night before a test, and that will soon change.Overall, we both agreed that I need to see someone to help with my test anxiety, and I met with Mrs. Lori in the AAC. After talking with Mrs. Lori, and examining my personalized test, I feel that I won't experience as much test anxiety for my next test because I have learned my mental strengths and weaknesses, and have developed a much better mindset. For my next test I would like to make an A, I need to make an A. I feel like I can make an A because I have improved my daily study habits, attended all my PAL sessions, worked on having a more positive and relaxed mindset, maximized my resources, gotten much more sleep, and have not been cramming nearly as much. My next test my next test is on April 19 and I plan to ace it because I have been using all the strategies I have previously listed above.


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