July 14th- A day full of fire and fear. The day the great Bastille fell to rebel peasants.

King Louis XVI, recognizing the plight of his people, tried to help the decaying of Great France by calling the Estates General, an act not done or needed for 175 years, but without thisĀ France will surely fall to chaos. He calls representatives of all three estates to solve the growing problems. The third estate had other plans. They decided, on their own, that the government had to change. Calling for great reforms and even the destruction of the monarchy itself. Our wise king and other nobility rejected the preposterous ideas of course, but the third estate just got more radical with their ideas until our king had no choice but to dismiss them. Their radical ideas, if fulfilled would surely cause anarchy through the nation.

The Meeting

Little did he know, they were committing treason behind his back. Right there in his own tennis court they drafted a constitution against the king, and swore an oath to bring the long lasting monarchy down. Soon after rebels began to congregate at the grand walls of the Bastille, coming day after day to fire at guards. Until finally a great crowd surrounded he walls trapping Launay and his men in. The great general attempted to appease the crowds, showing no malicious intent with empty cannons. However the crowd took his kindness and responded by breaking in and lowering the drawbridge so they could surge in. Before they managed to get to the second Launay and his faithful soldiers were forced to fire. He managed to hold until criminal deserters brought cannons to fire at the innocent people and destroy the great fortress, and Launay was forced to surrender.

Storming the Bastille

Our king managed to escape with others, but the rebels took all weapons and tore the grand symbol of our nation down brick by brick. Who knows what will happen now, with our king on the run and the country in the hands of people who will surely stop at nothing to get revenge. Will they see reason, or simply kill everyone who stands against them?

Only time will tell.

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