William Shakespeare's Impact By Katherine Phung

Shakespeare made an impact on today’s world through his success, work in the theater, and plays and writing.


William Shakespeare's success in theater allowed his reputation to grow. "Throughout the 1590’s, Shakespeare’s reputation continued to grow. From 1594 to 1608, he was fully involved in the London theater world. In addition to his duties as a sharer and actor in the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, he wrote an average of almost two plays a year for his company."Because of Shakespeare's reputation growing, he is able to continue writing and producing plays for people to enjoy. Many of his plays have now been some of the most admired plays in literature.

As London's most popular playwright during his time, Shakespeare was able to have many of his plays performed. "During much of this period, Shakespeare ranked as London’s most popular playwright, based on the number of times his plays were performed and published. But his reputation was largely that of a popular playwright, not of a writer of unequaled genius."Shakespeare became became quite popular in playwright meaning lots of his plays were published. Since they are published people today are able to reenact and perform his outstanding plays.

The outside of the Globe Theater

Shakespeare's success in writing led to people writing about how he was a excelled writer. "In 1598, Meres wrote Palladis Tamia: Wit’s Treasury, a book that has become an important source of information about Shakespeare’s career. In this book, Meres said of Shakespeare: “As Plautus and Seneca are accounted the best for Comedy and Tragedy among the Latins: so Shakespeare among the English is the most excellent in both kinds for the stage.” It indicates that Shakespeare had become an established writer by at least the late 1590’s."Shakespeare's success led him to publish his work for people to read and enjoy. Since they were published during his time, historians are able to discover them and republish today it to be read, studied, and loved by millions of people around the world.

Work in the theater

Shakespeare stayed committed to the company the King's Men for his writing career. "By 1594, he was a charter member of the theatrical company called the Lord Chamberlain's Men, which later to become the King's Men. Shakespeare worked with this company for the rest of his writing life." Shakespeare worked in that company for his writing life showing he is committed and loves what he is doing. Since he stayed with the King's Men, he was able to be apart of owning the Globe Theater which is still being used today to perform many of his beloved plays.

The Globe Theater

A big reason why the King's Men were so popular was because of Shakespeare's talents. "The Lord Chamberlain’s Men were one of the most popular companies in London. In large part because of Shakespeare’s talents, they would go on to become the dominant company in England during the late 1500’s and early 1600’s." Shakespeare's company became the biggest company in England because of his talents in writing plays. Since his company became so popular, people today are still able to perform and reenact many of Shakespeare's play in his very own theater today.

By working in the theater, William Shakespeare became part of the first group to be theater owners and actor-sharers. "Shakespeare was one of six shareholders who signed the lease for the new site in 1599. He thus became part of the first group of actor-sharers to also be theater owners. Although this arrangement meant considerable financial risk, it also promised to be profitable if the new theater was a success." Shakespeare took a chance on trying something new and it ended up profiting the theater with lots of money. Since the theater is able to make money, they can keep producing plays that are still performed by people around the world.

Plays and Writing

Shakespeare wrote many plays throughout his life, but he had a period of time when he wrote many popular plays that are still performed today. "The period from 1599 to 1608 was a time of extraordinary literary activity for Shakespeare. During these years, he wrote several comedies and almost all the tragedies that have made him famous. Shakespeare’s masterpieces during this period include the comedies Much Ado About Nothing and Twelfth Night; the history Henry V; and the tragedies Antony and Cleopatra, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, King Lear, Macbeth, and Othello." Shakespeare wrote many masterpieces of comedies and tragedies showing he was an excelled writer. His plays have impacted many writers today and is still being enjoyed and loved by many people.

William Shakespeare wrote poetry when the plague was frequent in London. "From mid-1592 to 1594, London authorities frequently closed the theaters because of repeated outbreaks of plague. Without the income provided by acting and playwriting, Shakespeare turned to poetry. In 1593, Venus and Adonis became the first of Shakespeare’s works to be published." Shakespeare still persevered onto writing even when times were tough. His commitment to writing led him to writing poems that are loved and cherished by many people today.

One of William Shakespeare's plays

Even after his death, William Shakespeare's work was published into a folio. "Shakespeare did not live to supervise the publication of his own work. The first edition of his collected plays, known as the First Folio, was published in 1623, seven years after Shakespeare’s death. It included 36 plays ( Pericles and The Two Noble Kinsmen were excluded) arranged in three categories: comedies, histories, and tragedies." Shakespeare wrote 36 plays that ranged from three categories including comedy, history, and tragedy, this shows he is a talented writer. Many of his plays are still being read and performed today by people around the world.

Shakespeare's plays have had such an impact that they are still being produced today. "Shakespeare's plays are still produced all over the world. During a Broadway season in the 1980's, one critic estimated that if Shakespeare were alive, he would be receiving $25,000 a week in royalties for production of Othello alone." Shakespeare's time was 1564-1616 meaning his life was thousands of years ago. But his plays have stayed popular past his time that they are still being performed and enjoyed by many people today.

William Shakespeare

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