Repainting Dolls nereyda Cintron, Diana Calderon, Maria Castillo

First when repainting a doll you have to put the dolls head in bowling water when the dolls head is in the bowling water the molecules of the head moves more faster and it make the head more softer and easier to remove.

Tools: Paint brushes, pastel (brushes), content (sticks together), water pastels (to sketch), Acrylic paint colors (flatten colors), Acrylic yarn, plastic screen, pet brush/come, straight iron, plastic sheet, sissors , glue, cotton/pillows stuffing, screen mesh

2. Head painting: First remove paint with acetone. Volatile; evaporates quickly. Removes oil stain traces, scents, coloring. Works by making the paint softer into a liquid to easily , get rid of. Also clean inside head.

Here's is how to make doll hair

here is avid that shows how to repaint a doll


Created with images by Marion Klein - "My Volks dolls"

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