Universal Health Care ¨Humans are driven by a perpetual and restless desire of power.¨

By Lauren Lefebvre

Hobbes would not support universal health care. He has stated that he has no faith in society or human nature. This leads to the fact of how he was not optimistic, and had no hope for the future of humanity. Most of his beliefs were based on men, because this was a time period where women´s rights were not justified. He stated that he believed men were more equal than unequal. Most of the time, women´s costs for health care was priced higher than a mans. So, Hobbes would not support the equality universal health care brings for both genders.

¨And as to the faculties of the mind...men are...(more) equal than unequal...¨

All of Hobbes beliefs were mainly based on men. He showed little to no care in women. Like I said previously, during this period of when he was alive, women´s rights were not justified yet. So, in this quotation, he is explaining how he thinks men are more equal than unequal. He also stated in the primary source, how the difference between a man and a man is not considerable to him. He would not be supportive of universal health care being provided for people because of not only the reasoning of how its equal for both men and women. Hobbes does not show care for humans, so it is not a subject he would help.

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