High School Cheerleading: Culprit's Competitive Edge We focus on building character first, athletes second.... and great cheerleading will be the result.

Why Culprit Teams Will Revolutionize Cheerleading in North Georgia

Cheer Team Training Program

Team Training: 1 hr practices 8 during the summer/1x a weekly during the Fall.

Culprit places a high priority on team training. We focus on training technique as a team in the areas of stunt, tumble, speed, and strength. Culprit’s key function is to support the team and the school coaching staff through supplemental skill training. Although we have the ability to help with choreography and routine adjustments, teaching skill is our focus.

Team Tumble : Offered 4x (7-8pm) a week through the Summer and the Fall with a minimum attendance of 2x per week.

Cheer FIT: This program is an 8 wk summer add-on ($99). It is offered at 9am, 6pm, and 7pm Mon-Fri and Sat at 10am.

Enrollment in CheerFIT includes access to our exclusive training in the TrainHeroic App!

Cheer FIT's #1 goal is INJURY PREVENTION.

Cheer FIT's #2 goal is success on the mat.

Most technique issues, performance issues, attitude issues, teamwork issues, and trouble gaining new skills.... are solved through an increase in speed and strength training.

Team Tumble Training: Individual training in addition to Team training is essential to success.

While team training is important, new skill progressions typically happens outside of the team training sessions. We offer the ability to take your individual progress to the next level through Team Tumbling Sessions.

Team Tumbling Sessions are offered Mon-Thurs from 7-8pm. Your athlete can tumble ALL 4 times EVERY week!

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