Customs from Feudal Japan By: ally bridge

What Customs Keep Structure in a Society?


The first custom is about religion. They practiced Shinto, Amida Buddhism, and Zen. Amida Buddhism is where they believed that everybody could reach paradise. Zen Buddhism is where they meditated for hours cross legged without moving. By doing this, they would reach enlightenment. If you believed in Shinto they loved and respected nature. They worship kami which are natural objects such as lightning, rivers, mountains, waterfalls, large trees, and unusual rocks. Religion helped structure society by only having two main religions which helped people be safe because if people disagreed on religions there would be a lot of chaos. Society would be different because the Japanese might not be calm which could cause wars.


The second custom is about Feudal Japan and how they were isolated from everything. Japan is a country in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and Japan Sea. It is a part of the continent Asia. Being isolated helped structure society because their was probably not a lot of people coming in and out of the country which kept them more secure. Society would be different without it because their would be more invasions and so many different rulers in a period of time. It is also easier to travel by boat because it is faster so when they traded it was easy.


The third custom is about the Heian period. The Heian period was the way Japan put people in society. High court nobles filled the top three spots, less important officials were in the middle spots, and the last spots were filled with lower class officials and clerks. This kept it organized because people knew what job they were supposed to have had what others did. Society would be different without it because people might not know what class they are in or which class others are in.


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