Magic, Monsters and Other Things That Might Kill You A guide to surViVing the AuRoran Worlds


Magic is the lifeblood of the Auroran world. Every culture has their own form of magic, though a few used to believe magic was sacrilegious. There are three forms of magic: elemental, verbal, and black magic. Each magic has its own merit and its own danger.

ElemEntal magic

Elemental magic is the strongest and most unpredictable of magics. Humans can very rarely control the elements, particularly shadow and light magic. There are eight elements (water, fire, air, lightning, earth, stone, light and shadow) and four pseudo-elements (poison, healing, ice and blood). The pseudo-elements are only viable on the Wildlands, the continent of Lorain and Solgarde, but the other elements can be used everywhere otherwise. Chaotic energy creatures are naturally endowed with a mastery of all the elements, though they specialize in a certain element. Elemental magic takes energy from the flow of life around them, but the element must be present to be used (or, in the case of fire, heat).

Verbal magic

Verbal magic is written and spoken in the language of the chaos creatures. Every precise syllable is a magic spell, and the longer the sentence the more complex the spell. While all cultures use the same language, there are dozens of ways to use the language, from writing, drawing, speaking, dancing and even the practice of just thinking the words. Verbal magic, instead of using energy from the flow of the natural world, takes its energy from the user. This makes it very dangerous - inexperienced magic users could attempt a spell too powerful for them and kill themselves.

Black magic

Black magic is not bad magic - magic is a tool, neither evil or good. However, magic that is obtained by sacrifice, ceremonies, and other drawn-out rituals. This includes necromancy, teleportation, configuration and other magics unattainable by verbal magic. Black magic is often banned in countries because of the unnatural rituals. However, it is practiced everywhere, sometimes underground. Sometimes, people don't even realize


Danger levels


Intelligence Rating


ChaoTic energy

Pure eneRgy

Dark Energy

NEUTRAL energy

Countries and Continents


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