New Year, New Additions By Jamison Davis

So, of course in the process of me writing last week's edition of 614 Food Secrets of new healthy habits, Kilbourne decides to install a brand new... ice cream bar. Goodbye to Flex Frost, and hello to salted caramel crunch ice cream bars! It's okay, though, balance is key anyway, so this might've worked out perfectly.

I think that this ice cream bar is honestly really great for our school because it gives students yet another side option during lunch periods if someone doesn't want to get a full lunch. The set up is similar to one that you might see at a birthday party: a large, freezer-like bin filled with ice cream push cones, ice cream sandwiches, and ice cream on a stick, organized by flavor and type. Each item is also only a dollar, which is really good for the high quality of the product. It's why I think so many students have flocked to it since it's opened: it's an easy and accessible choice!

Along with the ice cream, Kilbourne has also introduced new flavors of cookies, besides chocolate chip, and brownies! To be completely honest, I have a small battle with myself over which one I should get because there's just so many options! But, one thing comes to mind as I'm writing this column: balance. I already explained that my sparkling water column last week came out during the first couple weeks of the new dessert arrival, which I think can set up a really good message.

Of course, this column is all about food, all the time, and while I love putting you guys on to new food trends and menu items, balance is the magic word. I don't wanna get all preacher mode and say, "We all need to be healthy all the time!" because I know that's not reasonable. What I do believe, however, is that if you want to be living your best life in 2020, do what you love! If that means that your balance is some brownies with cleansing fruit water, you do that. It's a "No Judgement" zone over here!

With that public service announcement out of the way, definitely go check out some of the new dessert options if you haven't already! They are most certainly worth your time and the extra dollar at lunchtime. Happy Eating Kilbourne!