Panco petroleum company over A Century of service

Early days of the 20th century.

Life moved slowly.

Deliveries were made by horse and wagon.

Distances were covered by loud cable cars...

and the roar of steam engines on rails - pulling passengers and freight from one location to another.

1907 a new energy company was born.

The beginning of...

Panebianco's foresight of the rapid expansion of the new century, and how energy would fuel that growth, is the legacy of their company and family.

By their second decade, automobiles would begin to replace the horse and wagon.

Decades later


Life's tempo moved faster.

By 1976, the Panebianco family established Panco Petroleum Company, in Yonkers, New York. As a suburban division of their original family business, Super Fuel Corp.

Panco became an independent company 1981

Offering quality products including: fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, propane and lubricants.

Serving Rockland and Orange Counties in New York as well as Bergen, Passaic and Sussex Counties in New Jersey

Delivering to all corners of the counties.

With a fleet of company owned delivery trucks making daily deliveries to over 6000 residents and businesses, Panco has come a long way since the beginning of the 20th century.

Panco continues to grow!

The legacy

Arriving on the shores of America...

and fulfilling their dreams.