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Farming is mainly a family business in Canada. Agriculture is cultivation of farming, animals and plants and other products used towards sustaining the human life. This industry is in many regions for example Slovakia is a central European agriculture region for fielding and South Africa is for domestic animal agriculture like sheep and cows. Agriculture can provide us with good foods and nutrients but it can also harm us and the rest of our world in many ways and can affect our health in many ways. But there is also a way to help overcome any problem and there are ways to help this problem as you will read as you go on! Overall agriculture is almost everywhere, where people can grow crops and produce off animals.

Canada's agricultural production

Food plays a very big role in our daily lived, we cannot live without it because we need the nutrition and vitamins in order to survive. Canada is the 5th largest agriculture exporters in the world. We produces many crops by the help of AAFC farmers and other industries that helps us feed our country. Canada is working on producing more and better crops and we are trying to grow Canada's exports with the developments of a new and sustainable Canadian agriculture. In Canada we produce wheat, barely, grains corns, field peas and etc.

We produce 4 million beef cattle's in Canada and approximately 26 pigs are are raised each year making us the third largest exporters of pork. Canada is very famous for our maple syrup that we produce here. What really helps us with producing all these foods are the programs ( AAFC Program) that helps us overcome changes in the severe weather that affects our productions, trades, and consumer demands. Another reason that our crops are so good and that makes us the 5th largest agriculture exporters is because our fields, clean air and soil that helps keep our crops strong and healthy for the community.

Here is a picture explaining the changes in Canada's meat productions and how it drastically changes as the years go on !

Canadian economy

Our Canadian food production provides many jobs for us. Our agri-food industry employs approximately 2.2 million people which is 1 in 8 jobs. A farmer is dependent on things that will help its industry grow which is high employment, export trades, production and high purchasing power. As we produce more and more veggies, fruits and tons of meat, we getting high level jobs such as chefs who are now using our products to feed the society making the food-service industry one of the largest employers in AAFS. Canada's food sales are increasing by 12.0% to almost $51.5 billion in 2014, by this the food and beverage industry continues to grow as it s value doubles to $103.4 billion. Most of this industry is meat, dairy and beverages. Canadian spends almost $195.7 billion on food and beverage products, by this our industry is making a lot of money due to amount of times people buy food everyday. Market selling grains and oil-seeds receipts are increasing by approximately 160% thanks to the farmer who are finding new and innovative ideas to grow varieties of crops.

Resources and where we get them from

On a daily basis, we need many resources that help us stay healthy and keep us going. Just like us animals and plants need specific resources that may help them and others such as farmers. Agriculture is in need of many renewable resources such as clean air, water, land and soil. All these things help farmers grow healthy crops and making it easier for these crops to grow when they have these resources. As these farmer take care of these crops the AAFC program is helping them ensure that Canada is providing their society food from good and sustainable farming practices. You can easily find all of the resources in Canada because when it rains that water, when you're gardening you see tons of soil from the ground. There is no guarantee of clean air but I guess it would be good enough in order to grow our crops and making animals and humans lives easier if we had no pollution so we can be a successful country. Resources like water are very critical for the food production to help increase the population of that specific country. Overall all the resources I talked about can be found almost everywhere because they are natural and they come from under the ground.

two images showing you about what different resources each provinces have or maybe just on one specific resource they might have!

MArketing and trading

As we do continue to grow crops and provide meat in our country, we also have decided to trade with other countries for stuff they might have that we don't or because we want to give some very good and precious products we have. Canada has won the international prize for its wheat and for its oats. We are coming up with new and valued crops to trade such as soybeans which can bring up the farm revenues by $100 million. Manufacturing is a big role is marketing as I think that once a products leaves the farm is now being given a new life to which is helping others. Our manufacture are due to our amazing wealth and natural resources such as water and power .

We are one of the biggest exporters of flax seed, canola, pulus and durum wheat. Canadians imports mostly machinery, equipment, vehicles and oil. Canada like to export many products such as raw material, logs, cattle's, food, grains, fish and gas. Canadians spend less than 10% of their household expenditure on food purchasing's. Many countries like Japan, China etc are major export markets for Canada farm products. Japan is Canada 4th largest merchandise export market and our second largest trading partner.

Here is a picture showing you where Canada prefers to trade with !


There can be many problems and issues during agriculture for example, climate change can be a big one, more land but less farmers, and maybe there is soil erosion happening. Agriculture use to be the most common occupation employing 1 million Canadians, this job was most likely labor forces. As this went on the farm sizes started to increase as the years went on. Many farmers tend to be affected in this kind of industry because as you can see most of these farmers are begin paid well and are growing crops as they should be and feeding their animals during. But during winter time i wonder what happens to all their crops and where do the animals go and whether the farmer gets paid or not? I think that can be a tough thing because winter is not for just a week or two its last a couple of months and if someone is getting paid and if there are no crop and plants growing then what will the society do and what shall the helpless farmer to do?

I believe water management can also be another issue just like soil erosion's. There is approximately 42% loss irrigated water. We need to ask ourselves is there enough water for the crops and for the farmers to grow the plants and crops the society needs? In some rural countries where everything is very lonely and there aren't so many people near each other, the water can easily get polluted and risk the population of that country. We need to make proper use for these special resources that may look like nothing are valued a lot in this industry.

I also believe that climate change can affect our environment and affect the people living around us and not only just them but also for our production system. Due to climate change and pollution, most crops will not grow because you either are not receiving any water for example rainfall or because it is very dry and there is no where to you grow your crops because there is no soil or grass in order to plant. This way if farmers cannot grow any crops for their country than what will the people do if there is no organic foods?


There are many things we can do in order to help our society and to help those farmers that are in need to help, I think there are multiple ways we can help make our industry more sustainable. Programs like the AAFC are people to go to when you are in need for help or if you need to ensure things because they are willing to help keep our country safe and clean. Farmers shall continue to make crop rotations with pulses, to make sure the industry has its tools and the food companies are aware of their information. Overall I think production practices have been improving its sustainability due to the measure of greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and soil organic carbon. We should just continue to keep our society nice and clean so the farmers jobs can be easier and so they can grow their crops and help us get that food and nutrient in us because the more farmers, means more farms which means more foods !

A graph showing how many farms we increase by each year !


These were a couple of stats and information about agriculture and what it is and how it benefits us humans and how it also is an issue for us and for the rest of our society. I also explained some reasons and how we can fix some of these issues and help our community be nice and clean compared to some countries in this world because agriculture industry is massive and it is everywhere, places where you can grow crops and make food to help keep yourself alive and giving yourself the daily nutrients you need!


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