Most Amazing Organism on Earth By Patricia

The cheetah is a large felid of the subfamily Feline that occurs mainly in Eastern and Southern Africa and a few parts of iran
Cheetahs are mostly found in Sub-Saharan Africa
Speed ( 68 - 75 mph )
Cheetahs hunt their prey, which include zebra, wildebeest and gazelle. These are all herd animals and all take turns to look out for danger. So the stealthy cheetah assassin must use her wits as well as her lightning speed to give her the best chance of getting a kill. She’ll always approach her prey from a downwind position so her scent doesn’t give her away
Cheetahs should live in a like dry, open grasslands where they can pick up speed to kill prey.
The reason cheetahs are so used to getting prey quickly and spread through the world is because one of the cheetah's adaptions is its claws which makes it the fastest running animal.
When in season, the female will deliberately urinate near males to attract a mate. A male cheetah will stay with a female for 2 to 3 days, mating three to five times a day. All males in a coalition will mate. Cheetahs reach reproductive age between 20 and 24 months, with females coming into heat at any time of year. Gestation lasts approximately three months, resulting in a litter of between four and six cubs

Life Span ( 10 - 12 years )


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