Good Life Nature Activity by emily smith

Nature on Display: I found this exhibit about the rivers of Florida to be particularly interesting. I work at a natural spring during the summer, and this exhibit reminded me of the ecosystem that I interact with so regularly. This specific part of the display captured my attention because of the life-likeness of the otter. I was intrigued by how realistic all of the pieces of the exhibit were, and that is what made it so striking. This allowed me to learn about the ecosystem of Florida rivers in a fun way, as all of the pieces were three-dimensional and very realistic. This made my experience to the museum extremely enjoyable because it allowed me to relate to one of the exhibits on a personal level.
Nature and Ethics: The butterfly garden exhibit in the museum allowed me to become fully immersed in nature in a way that I am not accustomed to. I believe this part of the museum allows visitors to be, as Leopold says, members of the "biotic community." Individuals simply walk through the garden, experiencing the butterfly's home, but not altering it in any way. This gives people the chance to become part of the environment for a short period of time. This experience instills an ethical responsibility in visitors as it shows them how beautiful nature can be when it is unaltered by humans. I experienced feelings of joy and wonder when I went through the exhibit, and this makes me want to keep the ecosystems on earth clean so that they can continue to be this beautiful.
Nature and the Human Spirit: This exhibit, titled Florida Fossils, evoked emotions such as wonder and curiosity in its viewers. This photo is taken next to the enormous skeleton of a giant ground sloth. This species lived in prehistoric times, so standing next to it was like traveling back to the age of dinosaurs. This allows viewers to step out of their everyday lives and think about what life would have been like millions of years ago. It also helps us appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by displaying creatures that are so incredible to us because we have never seen them before.
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