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Born in 1964 in Toms River, New Jersey
Primarily photographs musicians but also takes fashion, sports and documentary photographs.
Danny believes in bringing a unique point of view to every photo that he takes. In an interview, he has stated that he shoots every photograph like it will be going on a cover.
Danny was hired as an intern for Annie Leibovitz (famous American portrait photographer) and went on to shoot many well-renowned artists/bands. In 2003, he created the company "Three on the Tree Productions". For a period of time, he worked for Pearl Jam and was responsible for photographing the band live on stage.
When Danny first began photography, he was not using a digital camera and had to carry rolls of film around. Now, Danny makes use of the Leica M10 digital camera because it is extremely convenient, and he can shoot even in very low light.
Danny likes to shoot with primarily the natural light that is already filling the scene, especially when it comes to photographing concerts. He tends to avoid flash as much as possible because he believes it affects the natural mood of the scene.
David Clinch is a musician himself and was influenced to take photos of musicians, on and off stage, through his love for music.
Danny met Annie Leibovitz at an Ansel Adams Gallery, while studying photography at the New England School of Photography. It was only a short time after that Annie hired him as her intern. He was eventually able to work up to the assistant position.
Danny Clinch's work has been extremely interesting to me because he has been responsible for many of the mainstream celebrity photos that we often see on the cover of magazines. In addition, he takes creative portraits by photographing the whole scene and including other unique objects in the photographs. The photos that he has taken of bands live on stage/in concert are very vivid and exciting to look at.
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