SKY is a Power-vocalist hailing from the Boston area. With her invigorating live show, she captures the hearts of her audience with vivid storytelling, powerful arrangements, and an interactive performance.

Her style is what she coins as Popera, a dramatic take to alt rock and pop. By using the contemporary form she captures the dramatic stories in her lyrics with catchy hooks matched with powerful arrangements. Growing up in the halls of an opera, she forged her style from her classical influences, love for theatre, rock and alternative pop.

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SKY’s acoustic piano vocal setup is an intimate experience between her and the audience. This set consists of originals, jazz ballads, pop ballads and rearranged musical theatre selections.

ROCK SETUP (6piece)

SKY’s 6 piece band is just as invigorating as her Mini Orchestra. With synths and sound design, she gives the traditional rock setup a new face.


The Popera sound was built upon the sounds of an orchestra. With a skilled string section, SKY brings to life her Popera vision with originals and covers that inspired the genre she forged.

Skyrhi.com - sky@skyrhi.com - (941) 961-4914

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