Ritalin Erick Turner

What is it? Where does it come from? How is it made?

Ritalin, an over-the-counter stimulant, is usually prescribed to patients suffering from ADHD (Attention-deficit hyperactive disorder) to help them focus ("Methylphenidate").

Street Names

Vitamin R, West Coast, and R-ball

How is it Ingested?

Ritalin comes in water-soluble tablets that are meant to be consumed orally (Ritalin| CESAR).

Common Effects, Risks, and Dangers

Ritalin increases the brain's production of dopamine, the chemical that makes us feel pleasure. The negative effects caused by Ritalin depends on the method of ingestion. If snorted, it can cause sores and a burning sensation in the nasal cavity. If injected, it can cause serious blood clots, infection, or an overdose that results in loss of consciousness ("Methylphenidate").

Users and Usage

2.4% of eigth graders, 3.4% of tenth graders, and 4.4% of twelfth graders in the U.S. abuse Ritalin (Walker).

Addiction and Long-term Effects

Taking Ritalin as prescribed or orally is unlikely to cause addiction. However, when the drug is snorted or injected, it can become addictive. Side effects of the drug include difficulty sleeping, loss of hunger, and nervousness ("Methylphenidate").

Interesting Facts

Many people are of the opinion that ADHD is over-diagnosed and that Ritalin is over-prescribed (Walker).

Although, Ritalin is usually prescribed to ADHD teens to help with school, Ritalin can also help limit smoking, drinking, injuries, and accidents (RNCentral).

The number of children and teens using Ritalin is doubling every two years. Because of this, Ritalin production has increased 500% in recent years (RNCentral).

Persons diagnosed with epilepsy or other seizure inducing disorders have an increased risk of suffering from seizures when using Methylphenidate ("Methylphenidate").


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