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Interphase is the resting phase in between mitosis division.


Prophase is the first stage of cell division, and when the chromosomes are paired chromatids and the nuclear envelope disappears. The nucleoli also disappears during this phase. The mitotic spindle forms and the duplicated chromosomes appear as two sister chromatids joined at their centromeres.


Metaphase is the second stage of cell division, when the chromosomes are attached to the spindle fibers. The centrosomes are at opposite poles of te cell. The centromeres lie at the metaphase plate.


Anaphase is the shortest stage of mitosis where the daughter chromosomes move from each other to opposite ends of the cell. It begins when the cohesin proteins are cleaved. The cell elongates as the nonkinetochore microtubules lengthen At the end, the two ends of the ell have equal and complete collections of chromosomes.


Telophase is the final stage of mitosis. The two daughter nuclei form in the cell. Nuclear envelopes arise and other portions of the endomembrane system. The nucleoli reappear around two sets of chromosomes and is then completed

Chromosomes are cellular structures consisting of on DNA molecule and associated protein molecules.

Chromatins are the complex of DA and proteins that makes up eukaryotic chromosomes.

Chromatids are each of the two threadlike strands into which a chromosome divides longitudinally during cell division. Each contains a double helix of DNA.

Centromeres - In a duplicated chromosome, the region on each sister chromatid where they are most closely attached to each other by proteins that bind to specific DNA sequences. It causes a constriction in the condensed chromosome.

Mitosis is a process of nuclear division in eukaryotic cells divided into five stage which are the prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. It conserves chromosome number by allocating replicated chromosomes equally to each of the daughter nuclei.

Meiosis is a modified type of cell division in sexually reproducing organisms consisting of two rounds of cell division but only one round of DNA replication.


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