Hugo Chavez by Chandler Eller


Hugo Chavez was always a rebel. He once attempted to overthrow the government. He did fail, but after gave a speech that inspired many people to join his side. Later on he won presidency with a 56% vote. After a year in office his approval reached 80%. Hugo Chavez had an enormous impact because he and his Bolivarian Movement put revolutionary socialism back into venezuela.

Theme in Word History

Hugo Chavez would be under the power and authority. The reason is because he was a President. He was also the leader of many political groups. An example of one of these political groups was "Movement of the Fifth Republic".


Hugo Chavez once said "What hurts me the most is poverty, and that's what led me to become a rebel". What this quote means is that he did not like how people who were unwealthy weren't able to come to power or have a say. Anybody with money would have all the power and poor people would have none. He did not like this and knew things had to change.

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