Good Life Performance "the divine"

The spacial experience: I was excited to get my mind off things and go see and enjoy a live performance, The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt. I have never been to Constants Theatre or any of the University of Florida's plays, so I was curious to see what it was all about. When first arriving, I wasn't sure what do to or where to go so I just followed all the other students. My two friends and I got there about twenty minutes early. There were two, I assumed students, nicely dressed directing us where to sit. They just finished seating the first deck of people when we arrived, so we had to start the next section on the side of the stage. No one was in front of us, but I usually like to sit in the middle to capture the whole play. Everyone was talking, then the lights went dim and that moment I got the chills of excitement, we all knew that the play was about to start. When the play started "Sarah Bernhardt" and the press came out of the door with a spotlight. She was so close to us that I could see the details on her costume. It was very neat. We were all startled, but at that point I was happy with our seats, and excited for the play!

The social experience: My two friends, Rachel Gowey, and Maegan Chant, who happen to also be my roommates, attended the play with me. We briefly got ready at our dorm, then walked to Reitz. We didn't know how many people would be there, we were surprised when we saw how many people attended, the whole theatre was almost filled. It was nice having my two friends come with me to play, because we could talk about how we felt and the concepts that we understood at intermission and after. It was neat to see what stood out to them compared to what stood out to me. It makes you realize that peoples perceptions are different than your own, and it's intriguing to see and understand other peoples view on things.

The cultural and intellectual experience: I think the performance reminded me to get the full story before assuming. You see a character and you think you understand who he is, or what he is about, but then you realize there is more than what is on the surface, and after getting to know the character you better understand why he is the way he is. I didn't know much about the play coming in, so I didn't have any expectations, nor can I relate much to the issues that arose in the play; however, it really makes you think about people that you may know because you may think you know a person but they can be hiding such emotion and fear just like the characters in the play. I think you need to remember the time and place that the story took place. It was located in quebec in 1900's when the church had a big say in what you did, so that's why the situations were very dramatic or intensified on stage.

The emotional experience: Looking back on the play, one saying comes to mind, "never judge a book by it's cover". I think this play reminded me to really get to know someone before judging them. Don't take your friends for granted, and always do the right thing. I really liked how the play was straight forward and didn't try to gloss over reality. I think in some way everyone can relate to "The Divine, A Play for Sarah Bernhardt", because these are issues that happen in todays society. Overall it was a great performance and experience, and I recommend all UF students to go see it.

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