Labrador by zara

I have got a Labrador called Monty and we had got him because he was born in a litter of 9 puppies and we had got him with one of his brothers and we called him Rolly. Rolly, was a present to my Nan and Grandad. As time had went past , Rolly belonged to my mum's friend called Jo and gave him to her parents too.

Labradors are known as the most popular breed to be a family dog and are found to be very magical when it comes to helping people such as the disabled people by guiding them each step. However Labradors aren't the only guide dogs you could find.

As you can see there is some guide dogs and you may sometimes see there is a model of a dog with a bib on which are called guide dogs as you probably already know and if you do see one then please slot any change because it would be helpful for the blind people and also the RSPCA.



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