Roaring 20's a change By: Samori hayes

Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance: The Harlem renaissance is known to be the movement of African american artist, authors, musicians. The city of Harlem was mostly populated with African Americans. The many realities of African American they had no education, involved in sharecropping to pay debts and not one would be elected. People famous around this time were Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Billy Holiday, Cab Calloway and many more. Many blacks migrated from big cities like Chicago, Detroit, and New York City. Langston Hughes wrote poems like the one way ticket, weary blues, and foods.

Woman's suffrage

"The women's suffragist how to revolt against simple task of tending a home and family" - Newspaper in New York

Woman's suffrage played a big role in the 1920's. Of course we all know before the year 1920 women had no right to vote but that changed in 1020 but yet some men thought that this was a big mistake. Believing that women's votes would be more valuable to the electoral states. Thinking about the differences in families like the husband and siblings opinion this would really take affect on the whole family. President Wilson even said that it was a time to support Woman Suffrage


"Prohibition has made nothing but trouble" - Al Capone

Prohibition perhaps best known as the banning of alcoholic beverages is the 2nd most important topic in the roaring 20's. It started when Dr. S.S Goldwater a health commissioner of New York stated that less alcohol would lead to less accidents, less tuberculosis, less poverty, less dependency, less patients in hospitals and asylums. It was a made decision by congress to ban the use of alcohol. It also managed to reduce crime in states, towns, cities, solve social problems, and reduce the tax burden created by jails, hospitals and poorhouses. Improved health and hygiene in America.

Political cartoon

this political cartoon displays how marijuana(a drug that is illegal in some states) has never killed anybody, but looking over at the liquor bottle it appears to have killed a man . As it does kill over millions of people around the world. This explains why congress wanted it banned.


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