Donna Osborn Case By Vernicia, Justin, Ernesto, and Dito


“Pushing me down on the ground he threw a baseball at my head”

Donna lived like this for years. She was always afraid of messing up because the punishment would be certain physical abuse. Imagine living in the same house with your abuser; not knowing what they were going to do to you next. She was always experiencing physical as well as verbal and mental abuse.


“She also reported at that time that she had been subjected to verbal abuse, pushing and shoving by her husband since summer of 1988”.

I have listed the recordings of Donna Osborn’s calls from the past couple of months showing that Donna’s husband was being abusive and repeated threats to kill, and in some instances she reported that she was beaten by her husband leaving head injuries and required medical attention and 12 stitches.

When a woman has been abused; She is afraid to tell what's going on behind closed doors and she does not want her husband to get in trouble,


“I have served the Osborn family for 30 years and knew Clint Jr. his whole life”

I have listed all the credibility of every witnesses and what they have been doing these past years also how long they have been intact with Osborn family. Based on my research above, Leslie Crown stood out she has reliable facts about Osborn family. Leslie has been a doctor for 40 years, so he’s pretty reliable to be the source for this case. The Osborn under Leslie’s consent Clint Jr. had a record for high temper in the past. Clint once lost in a tournament and threw his golf club over the clubhouse. Also based on Osborn's medical record, Donna had numerous injuries over this past 3 years.

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Ganindito Lukman

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