Homelessness by hayli devlin

homelessness is a problem because there'er getting arrested because there either smoking or drinking or making trouble there are people are being affected because of people are not always giving them money so that leaves them to starvation and getting sick and suicidal thoughts and not trying to get themselves a job. it's affecting us by feeling sorry for them and giving them money that we worked hard for and the money that we give them their probably going to spend it on alcohol, drugs and things that's not going to benefit them.

there was less homeless people and as the years went by the number of homeless people got bigger and bigger. its increasing because were'er getting very lazy and not making a lot of money. and there weren't a lot of homeless people because everything was less expensive and everyone could afford everything.

Maybe homelessness will decrease and thereā€™er rights will be more fair and they'll be able to get jobs easier and make money so they can afford a house, food things that will benefit there'er needs.

Jon Bon Jovi helped the homeless what he did was he did charity work and churches help the homeless they provide food and water blessed crosses and I've actually helped the homeless before what i did was i helped at this organization i don't remember the name of it but what i did was gave this woman clothes, food and water she looked so happy it felt so good to give back to the community!

what i want to do is give back because they've given the things i need a roof over my head and food, water and clothes when i was little i asked my grandfather to build me a lemonade stand so i can raise money and buy food and water for them but i also wanted to buy them a house but i was little so i didnt know how much houses were :) but most people now don't appreciate what they have or what they get were'er getting really spoiled and as the years go buy its going to get worse. whenever you look below the highway how many homeless people do you see? whenever rich people pass the highway i already know there'er going to something so negative and whenever i pass the highway i feel guilty because i'm spoiled too and i just feel so guilty especially whenever its cold i'll even think to myself "why cant that be me why did it have to be them?" so what im trying to say is that you should at least try and give back and i will to:).


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