How Are the kids doing? Monitoring and Serving Students BEFORE It's Too Late

Communication of student progress is essential to any intervention program.

Current reality tweaked for a better future.

  1. Teachers update grades every week
  2. Students have access to these grades live
  3. Parents have access to these grades live
  4. Students continue to struggle in their classes

Here's how we'll meet the needs of the students.

Every Thursday at 3pm, turn in your weekly student reports to Angel Reyes.

These reports will be organized into different folders:

Green Folder Students
These kids are rockin' it. Used for phone calls home (positive) lunch with principal, etc..
Yellow Folder Students
These kids might need to be checked on. Larissa and Ryan will address as time becomes available.
Red Folder Students
These kids need to be scheduled for interventions immediately, starting on Thursday at 3pm.

Consistency is essential. The expectation is this is turned in by Thursday at 3pm. If the students haven't come in. They are in the red folder.

Have the kids complete them!

This is not intended to create more work other than verifying the information on them is correct. This will most likely be simply looking over their shoulder as you collect them.

The students should not turn them in UNTIL they have also turned in work samples.


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