BHS Dress Code "...For are we not all children of the same father, and the creatures of the same god?

By Ariah Twine

  • Voltaire would disagree to the BHS dress code because he wanted equality and girls and boys aren't treated equal when it comes to this, girls are more often and more harshly dress coded versus guys due to the length of their shorts or the amount of ones back showing. They are dress coded because of the distraction a girl may cause. The demonstration of how Voltaire wants equality is highlighted when he says......
"What! Call a Turk, a Jew, a Siamese, my brother? Yes, of course; for are we not all children of the same father, and creatures of the same god?"
  • Voltaire says we are all from the same god so we all are equal and shall be treated like that. He would say boys should be just as harshly dress coded as girls are or there shouldn't be that harsh of a dress code and all be equally looked at for the distraction of others.

All though Voltaire was talking about the Christian religion, he also wouldn't agree with the BHS dress code because he wanted equality.


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