Erica M. Bennett Scholar of Religion and/or future creator of "Burning Houses"


I am Erica Bennett. I grew up in south Louisiana but have spent the last four year at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. I graduated with a dual major of Religious Studies/ Sociology and Anthropology, and minors in both Theater and Mathematics. My Thesis was titled: “Normalizing New Religious Movements: A Deeper Look into the Effects of Social Opinions of New Religious Movements in the Southeastern United States,” which was accepted for presentation at the Macksey National Undergraduate Research Symposium. I hope to continue my research into New Religious Movements and the lives of their followers, possibly leading towards a Ph.D. or a role in research for documentaries.

"I am a woman in a world that is constantly changing, cultures, religions, politics, socially 'acceptable' things, but many of us stay in our safe spaces never interacting with the other side. This has caused many divides and has created an era where civil discussion is hard to come by. I want to be the bridge between those two spaces through my scholastic and digital pursuits." -Me

Currently at the University of Alabama pursuing a MA in Religion in Culture

"Burning Houses" is a podcast idea to educate and analyze different parts of society that are "burning" and need help. Ever seen a burning house and want to run into it, to save it? we'll help you find one!

Who are you? Who am I? Why do we draw borders around ourselves, and can those borders ever be broken down or replaced? Will these boundaries tumble like the books in my arms?

talk to me! embennett4@crimson.ua.edu

Everything has a story behind it.

I want to hear yours!


Catherine Bennett