Blood Diamonds Preliminary Geography 2017

Spatial Patterns and consequences of the distribution and consumption of natural resources at a global scale

Understanding the spatial Patterns of diamonds.

There are three main components that underpin the spatial patterns and trade network of diamonds at a global scale:

1. Extracting: physically mining for diamonds

2. Processing: This involves the cleaning and publishing of diamonds and judging the quality of diamonds

3. Dealing / Production: This involves the selling of diamonds

Where does diamond Production occur?

What patterns and relationships do you notice?

What does diamond extraction look like around the world?

Where are diamond sales concentrated?

Consequences of the distribution and consumption of diamonds

Read through the articles below:
How does the distribution and consumption of diamonds impact diamond producing countries in Africa?

Key facts and concepts to also consider

  • The size of the diamond industry in 2014 was $84.4 billion dollars and it employees approximately 10 million people
  • The relationship between child labour and and diamond extraction in Africa
  • The relationship between demand and supply of diamonds
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