Coyote Chronicles October 2018


Congratulations to both of our Girls Volleyball teams on a strong start to the season!

Our Grade 9 team, coached by Trish Morgan and Angie Powell, have won both tournaments they have attended. First in Grande Prairie, and then in Prince George.

Our Grade 8/9 team, coached by Eryn Brown, have started out strong as well, coming in 3rd place in Grande Prairie.

Both teams have multiple tournaments left on the schedule, highlighted by our home tournament on October 26/27- come out and cheer them on!

Troy Burge, Athletic Director, DCSS Central Campus

Grade 8 Volleyball Team!

Find Your Fit Tour @ Central

On October 18th, Find your Fit from Work BC will be hosted in the Coyote Rock Cafe. From 8:55 - 3:00 each Pod of Central Campus, as well as groups of grade 6/7 students from several Dawson Creek Elementary schools will be able to try their hand at different trades.

From 3:30 until 7 p.m. the public is invited to come out and and experience the event.

Grade 9 Cannabis Presentations WEED OUT THE RISK

October 17th is the day when the Cannabis Act comes into effect across Canada.

We want to provide the opportunity to learn more about what all Canadians, including our students, need to know about the legalization of cannabis. Also, to be well informed of misconceptions and about harm reduction. Our aim is to empower our students to make smart choices.

On October 31st and November 1st, MADD Canada will be in Dawson Creek to see our Grade 9s. Their new program is called WEED OUT THE RISK (WOTR) and involves a 60-minute presentation to each of our grade 9 Homeroom classes.

Developed by Springboard, with additional content from MADD Canada, WOTR:

  • is an interactive, classroom-based harm reduction program
  • educates youth in grades 9-12 about the risks associated with cannabis use and driving, or being a passenger in a car driven by someone who has used cannabis
  • challenges the misconceptions that some teens have regarding cannabis
  • is an interactive, classroom-based harm reduction program

The program is endorsed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Cannabis Canada, teachers, and the students themselves.

The presentation is delivered by a trained MADD Canada facilitator in a non-judgmental manner and engages teens through interactive discussions, games, videos, and activities, all within the classroom.

** Our grade 9 Pod teachers & classes will soon receive their presentation times.

Please feel to watch the brief promotional video for more information about this program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=os3qQREvBBI

Student Assembly ~ Friday, Nov 2nd

I think we agree that we want our children/students to be well-informed and educated about being safe and responsible on-line especially while using social media platforms and popular Apps. We know what’s posted on-line creates a digital footprint that is both public and permanent. In addition, there are Laws to consider, even as teenagers, that can have legal consequences.

Our goal is to provide our students with different resources to educate them about being responsible digital citizens. As the sayings goes, knowledge is power. This is key especially since our children/students are faced with frequent on-line/social media choices and situations on a daily basis regarding what to do in the moment. It’s not easy as parents/educators to keep tabs on our children/students’ cell phones/social media devices, but we can certainly provide them opportunities to learn more, so they can make smart digital choices for themselves and others.

On Friday, Nov 2nd afternoon from 1:30 – 3:00pm, we will have our students in an Assembly with our local RCMP about what they need to know and be aware of when on-line/social media as it pertains to specific laws regarding sexting, taking and distributing photos, etc. We will also have information shared about Canada’s new Cannabis Act and related Laws. There will also be time to ask questions. Parents are welcome to attend. We will be in the blue gym.

If you have any questions, please see or email Ms. Lindstrom, Principal.

Intruder Alert Drill

On October 26th at 10 a.m., Central Campus will have our first Lock Down Drill.

Central Campus uses a distinctive "whooping" alarm for Intruder Alarms. No adult or student should enter the building if an alarm is sounding. It is important to maintain a safe distance from the building during an intruder alarm.

The responsibility of students and staff with regard to intruder alarms (both types) is vital. Safety Procedures and Intruder Alarms knowledge is required for every person at Central Campus. While Intruder Drills are necessary to familiarize students with proper procedures and shelter locations, every intruder alarm should be considered as if there were an actual intruder.

What will happen when the Intruder Alarm sounds:

  1. Students will quickly gather in the classroom out of sight lines of windows & doors.
  2. All doors will be closed and locked.
  3. Students will be quiet and must keep off of cell phones.
  4. No one leaves the classrooms or opens the doors for anyone until the correct "All Clear" message is given.
  5. If students were outside the classroom at the time of the alarm, they are to get to the nearest classroom or lockable space and shelter there.

As the saying goes, 'practice makes better' especially in situations where we may need to act quickly to ensure our safety. We will have four Intruder Alert drills this year and we will notify parents, students and staff in advance of each one.

VTRA Fair Notice

The latest VTRA (Violent Threat Risk Assessment) Fair Notice document is posted on our website. Please read and familiarize yourself with this process for reporting.

Here is the link to the page on our website


Hello! My name is Kirsten Davies and I am the Coach Mentor for the Aboriginal Education program here at Central. You may hear from myself or my support worker, Debbie Klemmer, over the course of this year.

An introductory newsletter was emailed out at the end of September, if your email is not working we are sending home paper copies with the students. We have a had a busy start up to the school year so far. It takes about two weeks for the new grade 8 students to settle into the new school and the new schedule, but now that they have the swing of it we are getting into goal setting.

On Thursday September 27th we recognized Orange Shirt day. Orange Shirt Day is a day to reflect on the wrongs of Residential schooling. One of our grade 8 leadership classes made posters that they hung up around the school to promote awareness. We had many students and staff show up wearing orange. As part of our curriculum, several teachers took time to teach about residential schools.

Kirsten Davies, Coach Mentor, Aboriginal Education

Important Dates

X1 COURSES end (Seminar/Exposure 8) – Friday, Oct 19th

Non-Instruction Days – Monday, Oct 22nd and Tuesday, Oct 23rd no school for students. SD 59 school staffs will be attending a two-day conference @ DCSS South Peace Campus.

X2 Courses start for Seminar/Exposure 8 - Wed, Oct 24th for the following next six weeks

DCSS Jr. Volleyball Home Tournament – Fri, Oct 26th – Sat, 27th

Trimester 1 Interim Reporting for Academics - Nov 1 - 15th

Parent-Teacher Interviews – Nov 21st – 22nd Details to follow soon.

2018-2019 School Year Dates can be found here https://dcss.sd59.bc.ca/cc/node/39913

Our Website @ https://dcss.sd59.bc.ca/cc/ is updated bi-weekly and provides all relevant documents for your viewing. It also has our staff email directory.


Stay in contact with the latest information from our PAC by joining their newly created Facebook Page, dcss pac. The next two PAC meetings are scheduled:

  • Monday, Nov. 5th, 7:00pm@ South Peace
  • Monday, Dec 3rd, 7:00pm @ Central

Our DCSS PAC Executive for 2018-19 is the following parents:

  • Chairperson -Logan Dalsin
  • Vice Chair - TBD
  • Treasurer - TBD
  • Secretary - Nicola Brown

If interested in being a part of the PAC executive, please contact Starla Senner (sldalsin@hotmail.com).

Latest Update on our last TBH teacher position

On October 1st we welcomed Ms. Daisy Galleno to our staff. Ms. Galleno took over for Mr. Fowler who was subbing in Math and Science for 8.3 and 8.4 as well as Outdoor Education 9. We are pleased to have Ms. Galleno on our Central Campus staff. She will be in touch with parents soon. dgalleno@sd59.bc.ca

Currently, we have one remaining teacher position still unfilled (Pod 9C English and Seminar/Option 8-9) for this school year. Our focus continues to be about providing meaningful learning and unit work that’s applicable to each course according to the BC Curriculum. Our students have certainly been patient and helpful with the different teacher subs that have been covering classes. We are in regular contact with the School District about progress on the hiring side. We are now in week 5 and are cognizant of our students and parents’ wondering about assessment and grades. We are working with our teacher subs to assist with planning and marking.

It’s not an ideal situation, but we are working to assure that your children receive quality instruction and support as we continue to wait for a teacher to be hired. When this happens, we will email parents with the news. Stay tuned.

Diana Lindstrom, Principal


BIG thanks to Mr Mckechnie for coordinating our hot lunch and to our Concession Chef Barb for helping with cooking the 8 turkeys. We also thank the following people for their help: Mrs. Winstead for making an awesome Thanksgiving poster, Ms. Tisch for the service table settings, Mr. Long and his Leadership class for peeling three boxes of spuds in a short amount of time, and Ms. Brown for helping thaw turkeys. It was great to see students and staff sharing a meal and building community together.

1st Place in Peace River!

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