Blizzards Ben Clements

A blizzard is a really big snow storm. It is formed by 3 main things, first there must be cold air. Outside it should be cold enough for the snow to stick to the ground. Secondly moisture. There needs to be moisture in the air for snowflakes to form and there is a lot of precipitation with a snow storm. Lastly the warm air rises. So the warm air rises over the cold air causing precipitation.

Great White Hurricane

The great white hurricane was a massive blizzard on the east coast. It happened in March 1888 on the days from the 11th-14th. New York City was effected mainly by it and it shut it down for a little over a week. It started out with heavy rainfall but the temperatures soon dropped and winds picked up causing it to turn into a massive blizzard. It snowed constantly, the snow ranged to fall to 20-60 inches and winds picked up to reach 45 mph. There piles of snow that got up to 50 feet high after people moved it. It did it's damage to the city but also the people. It killed 400 people, 200 coming from New York City. Even after the skies cleared there still was damage to be done. There was so much snow that it caused massive flooding and the electrical wires were down so fires started as well.


Created with images by Ninian Reid - "Blizzard-hit Union Street, Aberdeen (circa 1937)" • possbeth - "Blizzard_1888 New York Historical Society"

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