The Holy Bible Presented by: nick eckels

This piece highlights the first human bloodshed ever recorded. In Genesis 4, Cain murdered his brother Abel out of jealousy.
Here, in Genesis 7, God finds that Noah and his family are the only righteous people on earth. He sends a global flood to wipe out all living things, except Noah and his family. This piece represents what a journal entry by Noah may have looked like during the flood.
This newspaper article is set in Genesis 11, when God separated the united people of the earth. This takes place a short time after the flood of Noah, at the Tower of Babel.
(Shinar Times Part II)
The timeline has now moved quite a while forward, to the days of King David. Due to the separation of the people in Genesis 11 at the Tower of Babel, the kingdoms of the world often clashed. This ode, structured similarly to psalms by King David, sheds light on those times of war between kingdoms.
This cross represents the good news of the Bible. In the New Testament, Jesus dies for the world's sins on a wooden cross(not so different from the one drawn), so that regular people may be saved, and have eternal life in God.

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