Losing a friendship By Feraaz Faheem

Knock, knock. I peeked through the window to see Michael, and my eyes lit up.

“What do you want to play?” Michael asked

“I don’t know,” I replied. The sky was bright blue, and the sun was shining on the grass.

“How about we go to my house.” Said Michael trying to trick me into saying yes while I was thinking what to do. I wasn’t fooled and replied “You know I can’t.”

Michael’s dad was emotionally unstable according to my dad, and got angry a lot unexpectedly, and my dad didn’t like the influence of Michael’s dad on me. So my dad restricted me to going to his house much, and play at my house.. To my young mind his house did not seem dangerous, and I was angry at my dad for this.

When I was allowed to go, Michael’s dad seemed nice and gave us freeze pops on scorching days like today, and would push us on the tire swing. The only thing I didn’t enjoy at Michael’s house was his dad’s smoking habits. As I got older I started to realize that my dad was doing what was best for me as I noticed Michael’s dad’s behavior more.

As we were thinking of activities to do I looked across our neighborhood, and saw Zachary’s house.

“Wanna go ask Zach to come outside?” I asked Michael.

“Sure,” he replied as we started walking towards Zach’s house.

After inviting Zach we decided to play soccer, so we grabbed 4 bike helmets from my garage and made 2 goals with them in front of my house. I started to wonder who would play with who when all of sudden a black car stopped in front of my house.

“There you are,” Michael’s sister, Talia, said to Michael as she hopped out of the back seat. Her mom drove off and she joined the game by joining Michael’s team, so Zach and I were a team. After Talia scored 2 goals Michael used his hands to play and I protested, “Hey, that’s cheating.”

“It’s fine, I won’t do it again,” said Michael. After Zach and I scored two goals he grabbed the ball from the air with his hands and dropped it down to the floor to kick into our goal for his team’s 3rd goal. I yelled at Michael, “You’re so dumb, that’s not how you play soccer!”. Michael and I started arguing more, and he got upset which led to him running home.

“He’s just being a whiny pants,, he’ll come back,” said Talia.

We continued playing until Michael’s dad came riding on his motorcycle to our house. The noise of the bike brought my mom outside, and Michael’s dad told her, “Your son hit my son on the head!” I denied, and he responded in an angry tone, “My son would not lie to me.” My mom tried to calm him down, but he continued to argue saying, “Your son needs to apologize.” I never hit Michael on the head. Michael’s dad then said something my mom told me never to say.

Steam was coming from Michael’s dad’s ears and he continued to say very harsh phrases to my mom. My mom was now getting frustrated, and told him, “Get out!” So Michael’s dad left with Talia.

After my dad came home and he was told about what happened, I think he made a phone call. He said that I would no longer see Michael, and that to stay away from their house.

I agreed with those terms because I myself now resented Michael’s dad. I have not put much thought into it, but forgiving Michael’s dad has not ever crossed my mind, and it would be difficult to make that decision. My mom is the dearest person to me in the world, and if anybody disrespected my mom like that again and I was aware with the terms they used at the time, I would be real mad. Michael’s dad was extremely rude and hot-headed during that incident, but I decided to forgive him.. That’s what my mom would want me to do, as she is a smart person who cares cares about everyone and believes people should live in harmony together in the world. She would be disappointed in me for letting my hate take over, instead of realizing it was a long time ago and that we just need to let things go. We haven’t spoken about Michael and his dad too much in the household mostly because we don’t care about something which has little impact on our lives. I asked my mom about the incident once, and told her about my perspective of the outburst and the relationship in general. She just simply responded, “Forgive and Forget Feraaz, now do the laundry.”

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