Smoky Mountain Aquatic Club's 2017 Swim-A-Thon

In what was one of the most inspiring days in SMAC history, our SMAC athletes dominated the 2017 Swim-A-Thon Challenge. Athletes had 2 hours to accumulate as many laps as possible. In 13 and older Men/Women and 12 and under Boys/Girls, team records were set in all four categories in the quest for maximum yardage. Every single athlete on the team walked away with a personal best in distance swum over the 2 hour time period.

SMAC Athletes helped raise real money for our team. Each donation counts. The team will be using the funds for new coaches, new coaches, and to help to fund continued growth. Everything each family does for our team counts!

Our top donors so far are
  1. Brooks Barbee
  2. TJ Harris
  3. Lily Myers
  4. Jaden Gibson
  5. Johnny Darguzas
  1. Little SMAC
  2. Big SMAC
  3. Senior SMAC

We will be mailing our check for 5% of our total raised to the USA Swimming Foundation on April 2nd. Donations will be collected through April 1st. You can read more information about the USA Swimming foundation at the bottom of the page.

So far, we've raised $5,535!

Now, to the fun stuff. How'd we do?
Senior SMAC

The Senior SMAC group dove in for their 2 hour swim starting at 7:15am, and paced themselves well. The group picked up speed as the time elapsed and finished hard over the last 30 minutes. Only stopping for a quick rehydration process or bathroom break, the group kept pushing and pushing. "The event is more of a mental game than anything," said Mason MacDonald, and no truer words have ever been spoken. Keeping your mind active for the duration is more important than anything. "2 hours is a long time." We confirmed the theory that Senior SMAC is a tough group of kids.

The group set a few new team records. Topping the list was Johnny Darguzas' 387 laps, which is nearly 10,000 yards. Wow. Doing a large majority of the last 30 minutes Breaststroke or Backstroke, Glenna Whaley finished with 354 laps, just a l00 behind Eric Gomez. One team record was set that has the potential to stand for 20 or more years. Averging just over 1:30 seconds per 100, 10 year old Zack Lyle swam 311 laps or 7,775 yards in two hours (without fins) and claimed the top spot for SMAC's 10 and under division. Gavin Bishop and Colin Mooney worked together to topple the 300 lap mark for the first time in their swimming careers while Tessa Davis (314) and Marna Dodson's (291) swims were big time personal bests.

  • Johnny Darguzas: 387 Laps, 9,675 yards, 1:14.4 per 100 average.
  • Glenna Whaley: 354 laps, 8,850 yards, 1:21.3 per 100 average.
  • Eric Gomez: 358 laps, 8,950 yards, 1:20.4 per 100 average
  • Mason MacDonald: 352 laps, 8,800 yards, 1:21.7 per 100 average
  • Stephen Wenzel 332 laps, 8,300 yards, 1:26.7 per 100 average
  • Gavin Bishop: 316 laps, 7,900 yards, 1:31.1 per 100 average
  • Tessa Davis: 314 laps, 7,850 yards, 1:31.6 per 100 average
  • Zack Lyle: 311 laps, 7,775 yards, 1:32.5 per 100 average
  • Colin Mooney: 300 laps, 7,500 yards, 1:35.9 per 100 average
  • Marna Dodson: 291 laps, 7,275 laps, 1:38.9 per 100 average
  • Riley Laursen: 200 Laps, 5,000 yards, 2:00 per 100 average
Big and Little SMAC
Big and Little SMAC

It's safe to say that Little and Big SMAC athletes surprised many with their performances during the Swim-a-Thon. Parents and coaches were excited to see the perseverance each athlete demonstrated. Doing well in a two hour swim is no joke; it takes mental toughness, some serious physical strength, proper stroke mechanics, knowledge of lane etiquette and the skills needed to be a great teammate. Many athletes entered the water for the Swim-A-Thon a little nervous and anxious, but all left with smiles on their faces, surprised and proud of themselves. Everyone is a champ - it was truly a great Swim-A-Thon and something of which every SMAC Member should be proud! For these guys, the Swim-a-Thon is now the SWAM-A-THON. Way to go!


  • Trinity Wenzel - 320 laps. (Didn't stop once.)
  • Molly Bishop - 294 laps, 7,350 yards
  • Naveah Hourani - 192 laps, 4800 yards
  • Regan Wilkinson - 240 laps, 6,000 yards
  • Jaden Gibson - 244 laps, 6,100 yards
  • Ava Bonomo 218 laps, 5450 yards
  • Luke Gonzales 216 laps, 5,400 yards
  • Ellery Byrd 204 laps, 5,100 yards
  • Tucker Valliere 240 laps, 6,000 yards
  • Aiyana Printz 214 laps, 5,350 yards
  • Madelyn Hendershot 210 laps, 5,250 yards
  • Porter Richardson 312 laps, 7,800
  • Katie Roach 212 laps 5,300 yards
  • Brooks Barbee 220 laps, 5,500 yards
  • Rylan Haynes 60 laps, 1,500 yards
  • Josie Clark 86 laps, 2150 yards
  • Meredith Bradshaw 180 laps, 4,500 yards
  • Mariel Ottinger 188 laps, 4,700 yards
  • Emma Duncan 174 laps, 4,350 yards
  • Megan Planchock 270 laps 6,750 yards
  • Lily Myers 278 laps, 6,950 yards
  • Ximena Martinez 176 laps, 4,400 yards
  • Edwin 150 laps 3,750 yards
  • TJ Harris 158 laps, 3,900 yards
  • Olivia Warlick 146 laps, 3,650 yards (did 2x500 for the first time!)
  • Molly McConnell 164 laps, 4,100 yards
  • Brian Youker 114 laps, 2,850 yards

TOTAL LAPS SWUM: 8,995 laps - New Team Record

TOTAL YARDS SWUM: 224,875 yards - New Team Record

AVERAGE LAPS PER SWIMMER: 236.71 - New Team Record


The fee that is paid to the USA Swimming Foundation supports its mission to save lives and build champions—in the pool and in life. The USA Swimming Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of USA Swimming. Whether we’re equipping our children with the life-saving skill of learn-to-swim through our Make a Splash initi ati ve, or providing financial support to our heroes on the U.S. National Team, the USA Swimming Foundation aims to provide the wonderful experience of swimming to kids at all levels across the country. For more information on the USA Swimming Foundation, please visit




Don't worry, we'll be having make-up Swim-A-Thons at practice.

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