a moment in Vietnam by Joshua Rubin

Day 1, evening

Landing in Hanoi, finding Eli, absorbing the sites and smells of the old city streets, before popping over to Chabbad for a Chanukah celebration.
Nice view!
Chanukah Sameach!!

Day 2, morning

Leaving Hanoi for Halong bay, with a quick stop over at a porcelain shop

Day 2, lunch

We did not let the lack of kosher food stop us from eating well!

Day 2, evening

We continued the cruise along the bay, with a stop in a cave...
Our tour guide, Ryan, who with a broken English, told us legends of the cave.
"I'll take a locally grown cucumber, and a Coke..."
another stop to kayak...
We found an island!
View of the bay from inside a hidden cave
and finished the day with an evening of free beer, surrounded by the lights of other boats and the lights of the chanukiyah.

Day 3, morning

We woke up to an amazing view, and continued the cruise to a pearl farm.

Day 3, lunch

We then got back to start cooking an amazing lunch once more.
Kafir lime leaves, grown on the boat!

Day 3, evening

We finally headed back to a final evening in the streets of Hanoi.

Day 4, morning

Our last morning in Hanoi. We got up early for a rushed Vietnamese coffee by the lake...
passed some more people and merchants...
and finally left for the taxi ride to the airport.

Goodbye Vietnam!

Created By
Joshua Rubin


All photographs taken by Joshua Rubin

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