Price Comparisons the value of a well constructed gate

How much should you expect to pay for an entry gate for your home?

Mulholland's "Bostonian" can be purchased for under $2200.

This Home Depot Door's price is $4,819.34.

Mulholland's "Tuscany lll"? $2077.

Home Depot's Pacific Entries Model #M63STL would set you back $4974

Mulholland's "Brentwood" Entry Gate base price is $2077

Ninety percent of our gates are installed at beautiful homes on hillsides - the most difficult setting for a gate installation. As such, each handmade gate from Mulholland is built to last in tougher environments; constructed and installed with techniques we've developed over the last twenty-two years.

We are always aiming for better quality and service. By the time you add door knobs and locks, and installation, at HomeDepot, you're probably looking at another $1500 in costs.

Visit our shop! You'll see that we also offer all the gate hardware you need, and installation as well - at very affordable prices.

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