Aaron Douglas OliviA Edwards

  • Born~ May 26, 1899
  • Place of birth~ Topeka Kansas
  • Died~ February 3, 1979
  • Place of death~ Nashville Tennessee
  1. Influences~ His mother, Harlem renaissance, Detroit art museum
  2. Education~ University of Nebraska, teachers college, Columbia university
  3. Impact~ famous artist, illustrator, Harlem renaissance
  4. Created powerful images of African Americans life and struggles
  • Aaron Douglas was an African American painter, illustrator, and visual arts educator. He was a major figure in the Harlem renaissance. His mother Elizabeth Douglas was an homemaker and amateur artist from Alabama. Aaron had always admired his mothers drawing. He wanted to take his art career to Paris, France as many of his aspiring artists peers did.
  • In 1925, Douglas intended to pass through Harlem new York, on his way to Paris to advance his art career, A German portraitist who encourage him to work.
Some artwork by Aaron Douglas

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