Each Day a New Sun

I am grateful that I decided to live on the upper Texas Coast...Several pretty beaches are within a few minutes of my home, by car...There is one special park, in particular, that has captured my heart..Mc Hale Park in Seabrook Texas..For several years I went to this beach to chase the sun..I would visit once or twice a week..Sometimes solo, sometimes with my dear friends..

At low tide

With each new day, a different sunrise would reveal itself to me..Even if my feet were planted in exactly the same spot as the morning before..

Some mornings were so still, one could hear a cricket breathe..Beautiful reflections could be seen in the glassy water..
Sometimes a star would fall from the sky into the ocean....
I could count on heavenly stillness before the rest of the world woke up..
The skies were magnificent, whether fair or stormy...
Sometimes I had the company of fellow sun worshippers...
The changing seasons were something to look forward to..On any given day the skies would be colored bold or delicate....

One morning, with a cup of coffee in hand and a smile on my face, I drove to my happy spot as usual.. I quickly discovered that it was fenced off, no access to the beach..NO TRESPASSING signs everywhere..Efforts at finding out why the area was fenced off from the public were fruitless...

A couple of years have gone by since that day..I have had to accept that things were forever changed, that I no longer had this happy spot to retreat to..So I go to other beaches when the mood strikes me..

Pine Gulley Park is a pretty setting to enjoy sunrises, I usually visit in the winter when I have a better chance of getting in free of charge...
Sylvan Beach , in La Porte Texas, is a good spot for me to visit when I need beach scenery pronto! This beach is a 10 minute drive from my home..
Galveston is definitely one of my favorite places to watch the sunrise..I like to arrive there the night before, so that I can walk from my hotel to the beach..

Living on or close to one's happy spot, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, is a priceless blessing..I shall continue searching for my special place, a retreat that I consider to be close to home....A place that energizes and grounds me..

Photo Story by Lisa Comperry


All photos are my original work.

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