BK LIGHTRIVER bella c + kyle d

Here in BK LightRiver, we offer many activities and opportunities for success. We are located in a valley near a river. Although we have few rules such as, you have to have high standards for you to attend our community, Sundays are directed towards family only, etc. We give our full support and accept those who are willing to make changes to make our community better. We hope you can "Stay High" and enjoy our community with us.

Our mission is for everyone to have high enough standards, that no trouble or conflict will get in the way for yours, and other people's success, and to be accepting of everyone and be nice. In order for us to keep our mission on the right track, we offer rules that are highly enforced. There is no bad mouthing or gossip allowed, family days are greatly advised, etc. Being respectful is highly enforced in our community. Respect for others differences, through social media, face to face, school, etc. So, include everyone no matter the circumstance and accept each other for their differences. If for whatever reason one feels like there was no respect, they will be punished by the government.

Due to the rules and freedom coming with this community, we have settled for a government. We have the freedom to make our own choices, and have our say and opinion. But the government makes the final decisions, and we are required to follow the rules. If one was to make a mistake, the parents are required to not make any punishment. We advise the kids to figure it out for themselves, with guidelines and advice from the parents. If something serious was done, that the government needs to be involved, they will make the best decision on what needs it be done.

We have created a safe environment where we are able to learn, and have fun, as long as the rules are followed, and everyone is accepted and respected. We hope you can enjoy our community as much as we do.


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