Horses The Animal Of Choice

As much as you might not like to admit it, horses have played a big part in human society for centuries.

Horses have been domesticated since approximately 4,000 B.C.E. For example, ancient horses are onigers.
Horses for the most part, are very easy to feed. Horses generally eat grass, which is very commonly found in most parts of the world.
Horses have played many parts in human society besides for riding. Originally, leather was made from horsehide, so cows wouldn't be known for their leather today if it weren't for horses. Horse bones and cartilage was used to make glue, and horse hair was made to make coats, stuff mattresses, and even to make violin bows!

But, most of all, horses played a big part in the conquest of the Americas.

Purebred Spanish horses were considered war horses during the conquest of America. In 1539, Hernando de Soto brought 237 horses to North America to discover the new land. Because of the horse, they were able to spread north to the Appalachian Mountains, and they were able to spread west to Mississippi.
By the 1600's, horses gradually spread arcoss North America. In 1680, the Pueblo pushed the Spanish out of there land, leaving many horses behind. This caused the spread of horses across the United States. This allowed Native American tribes to advance technologically. For example, the Great Basin Native American tribe is categorized for their use of horses and how horses are vital in their tribe. Their technology advanced because of the horse related items, for example, saddles.
Horses played a large part in the spread of diseases. During the fifteenth century, the Conquistadors came to the Americas because of their want for gold and land. With them, they brought horses. The horses provided transportation. The Conquistadors were able to move faster than they would have on foot. This meant the diseases would spread quicker than if they didn't have horses. The diseases, such as measles and smallpox, spread through Native American tribes, even wiping out tribes as a whole. Without horses, this would have never happen.
In 1519, Francisco Vasquez de Coronado came to the Americas and decided to go west with 150 horsemen & horses. Presently, there are over 9 million horses in America. Horses are now left in in the realm of the past but we shall not forget all the things they did during the conquest of the Americas. Without them, you probably wouldn't be standing were you are right now.

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