Food Safety Emily Henry

The 4 common types of food contaminants are.

Salmonella comes from eating raw eggs or chicken

1. Salmonella

2. E.Coli


4. Norovirus (Norwalk Virus)

Preventive practices while food shopping

- Reading labels

- buying fresh foods

- do not buy any foods if the seal is broken or the food is moldy

Preventive practices of food safety for storing food

- refrigerate meats, poultry and fish


- don't store meat with fresh produce

- store at temperature suggested

Preventative practice for preparing food

- wash hands and surface often

-separate raw meats from other foods

-cook to right temperature

- refrigerate foods promptly

The populations that are at the most risk for contracting food borne illness's are

- pregnant women


-older adults

- people with compromised immune systems

- people with food allergies

A peanut allergy is a very common type of food allergy

Symptoms of Food Borne Illness

- diarrhea and/or vomiting lasting 1-7 days

- abdominal cramps



-joint/ back aches

- fatigue

The Government's Role in Food Safety

Government Building

The government is responsible for setting food safety standards, conducting inspections, ensuring standards are met, and maintaining strong enforcement program


We the people are the consumers. The one's who eat the food that is made/produced. We are responsible for the proper cooking temperatures, washing our hands, separating raw meats from other produce.


Process food to eliminate and/or prevent the microbes present in all foodstuffs, from multiplying and spoiling food and potentially causing disease.

Video on Food Safety


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